the bluboho guide: stones

Last week we gave you the bluboho guide to symbols, so now we are sharing our guide to stones. Finding the right stone for you is a perfect way to start the new year!


  • Mystical and protective stone
  • Helps with intuition and transformation
  • Raises consciousness which leads you in the right direction and brings courage
  • Connects thoughts and ideas and helps you get them into action
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  • Most powerful healing stone
  • Brings hope and achievement 
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  • Stone of new beginnings
  • Promotes intuition and empathy
  • Has receptive, passive, feminine energies that help calm emotional triggers


  •  Master healing stone
  • Promotes well-being for the mind, body and soul
  • Stabilizes emotions and helps bring inner peace
  • Helps with exhaustion, depression and/or anxiety
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  • Brings serenity and tranquility
  • Promotes wisdom
  • Stone of sincerity and love 
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These are just a few of our favourite stones! Shop them online or in stores! Which stone is your favourite?