Gold is a precious material that appreciates with time and never goes out of style. 

When buying our handcrafted jewelry, you know you are investing in quality that you can feel great about, thanks to our commitment to sourcing sustainable gold and working with experienced artisans, who pour their heart into each piece we’ve designed for you. 

Unlike hard materials like stainless steel, gold is soft and malleable  -  solid gold jewelry, especially dainty ones, have to be cared for and maintained in order to last a lifetime. The following guidelines and tips can be applied to both our yellow gold and sterling silver pieces.

Caring for your Jewelry: 

  • Last on, first off: make sure that your jewelry is the last thing that you put on when you get ready, and is the first to come off as you get ready to bed. Perfume and other cosmetic products can react with the jewelry creating discolouration
  • Remove your jewelry before activities like sports, heavy lifting, cleaning and other activities that will apply excessive pressure on the piece or snag the chain.
  • We do not recommend wearing gold jewelry to chlorinated pools or working with harsh cleaners or chemicals, as it might react with metals in the alloy.
  • Do give your pieces a light bath by soaking in mild detergent and gently rubbing it with a soft brush once in a while. This can be done with a baby toothbrush and dish soap. We have something perfect for the job here. Silver can be cleaned and shined using polishing cloths, chemical dips, or more mild methods which we recommend (such as baking soda and water).
  • The daintiest of rings are best when stacked, there is a strength in numbers. They will stay in shape longer.
  • Upon noticing any warping or damage due to daily use, contact us for servicing to prevent undue damage over time. 
  • Make sure to visit or contact us for an annual checkup  and deep clean. We suggest this for all of our pieces, especially engagement collection to ensure the prongs keep your stone secure.
  • Note on all stones and materials (excluding gold, diamonds and sapphires): exercise caution as these materials are not as durable as diamonds and sapphires or even gold (ex. opals, pearls, enamel, emeralds, cord)  Avoid contact with  water, creams or aerosols. Clean only when needed with a jewelry cleaning cloth and dry thoroughly.

Usual signs of daily Wear:

  • Warping of or misshapen bangles, posts,  and rings (rose gold is also softer than yellow or white gold  due to high copper content) your jewelry is durable but not invincible.
  • Scuffing, scratches, and surface marks.
  • Darkening and oxidation due to contact with skin oils, hard water, cosmetic products, etc. (especially with silver pieces).
  • Loosening of the prongs around a stone- especially after extended or aggressive wear. 
  • Stretching and snapping of chains due to snagging and pressure  -  while it’s heartbreaking to see your pieces break, the dainty softness of the chain is prone to snaps under pressure. Do not worry, in most cases, we can help with fixing it, and offer access to our repair services.

Storing your Jewelry: 

  • Store each of your jewels separately to avoid scratches.
  • Place your pieces in a pouch to minimize contact with dust and excess moisture in the air. Silver especially is best stored by wrapping in acid-free tissue paper, in an airtight container, or a small plastic bag. 
  • To avoid tangling your necklaces and bracelets, close the plastic bag over the end of the chain and let the end dangle out slightly. 
  • Be sure to keep your jewelry away from extreme heat or moisture.
  • Bring a bag or pouch with you if you have to take your jewelry off away from home - don't put chains in pockets, as the metal can be bent.

Please note that taking your jewelry to a repair service other than bluboho will void the warranty on our pieces.