a note from our founder: our return to Instagram

i always equate having a business to being in a long-term relationship— meaning, once the honeymoon is over, the work begins. the cycle of falling in and out of love begins, and there are moments that test you and push you to your limits. these are the moments where we decide to walk away or to stay and get more committed. 

every single time i’ve been challenged with bluboho, i have doubled down. gotten more committed, clear, and steadfast in my purpose. this instagram saga was no different. here we are, on the other side of this, and i am feeling stronger, clearer and more committed than ever. 

as you may know, our instagram and facebook accounts were wrongfully taken down. after five long weeks of working with meta, and with a lot of help from our community, we were able to revive our accounts this week.

there were a few pivotal people who helped us get our accounts back— guests of bluboho who helped us because of their experiences with our brand. they went out of their way to be kind and help us when we needed it, and for this, we are forever grateful. 

i can’t even count the business and personal lessons i’ve learned. these are just a few. 

1. surrender to the lessons that are to come (there are lessons in every situation)

when things don’t go as planned— or quite frankly like in this situation, when things go off the rails— we don’t get instant clarity. we have to go through the discomfort and move through the opacity of the situation in order to gain clarity. this feels slow, daunting, and challenging, but in the end, it’s always worth it. 

2. remember your why. take the time every day to remind yourself of your purpose.

i keep reminding myself of the power and the purpose of bluboho— we are here to create pieces, relationships, and moments for people that will last a lifetime. coming back to this kept me going when things felt overwhelming.

3. stand up for yourself and never give up!

we knew our accounts had been wrongfully taken down, so we had to stand up for ourselves. it took some action— someone didn’t back to your email? send another one. call them. try to connect through socials. be relentless in your pursuit. i emailed our contact at meta almost every single day for a month. i was kind and patient, but always kept bluboho at top of my mind.  

4. be kind to everyone— you never know who will have your back.

in the end, there were a few people that helped retrieve our accounts – all of them were connected to the bluboho and our purpose. the person who finally pulled it across the finish line was actually a guest of ours who works for meta. his girlfriend let him know that our accounts were down and urged him to help us get them back— and guess what? he did! this led to my next learning.

5. trust the power of the universe— trust the nudges.

when our friend at meta reached out to us to help us get our accounts back, i was in disbelief. he seemed like an actual angel sent to help get us back on track. he explained that his girlfriend loved bluboho and kept asking him to help us – he sent three emails (that landed in our junk mail— also a lesson, check your junk mail). finally, we connected and within two days our accounts were restored! 

6. this too shall pass.

no matter how challenging the moments are, they will pass. there were moments when this situation felt like a never-ending bad dream, but here we are. be grateful for the good moments, and remember that the challenging times will always end. 

7. remember to take the time to reflect on what you learned.

it’s so easy to come through difficult situations and just jump right into the next thing. but there is power in taking the time to reflect, take stock of the learnings and think about what changes you need to make or what you will do with this experience in the future.

we are so grateful for you, our beautiful community. we’re so happy to be back online to connect with you. 

— maggie xo