all eyes on our new collection: introducing evil eye

don’t let the name deceive you: the evil eye, also known as the “all-seeing eye” or “eye of wisdom”, is a talisman of protection and guidance. since its earliest representation by the mesopotamians about 5000 years ago, it has been featured across many cultures and religions. the evil eye is believed to ward off doubt, envy, and resentment, protecting the wearer from anything that would impede their spirit or cause harm.

our evil eye collection seeks to show this timeless symbol in a new light. These powerful amulets watch over us with an unblinking protective gaze, imbuing the wearer with a sense of heightened intuition and mystical wisdom. wear it to feel emboldened in adventures of travel, guided towards new horizons, or simply through the nuances of everyday life– the eye will watch over you wherever you may go.


we embrace the evil eye’s revered origins through the use of traditional bright blue, cobalt, and green hues, which are symbolic of protection. these colours and forms are incorporated into a collection of yellow gold jewelry that amplifies an aura of positivity.