cosmic love gift guide

“what's your language of love?” our cosmic love whispers, encircling you in a warm embrace. for a person who feels most loved by gifting, whatever bestowed serves as a poignant reminder of how much they are adored. explore our cosmic love holiday guide, curated for those special souls whose strongest love language is the act of giving and receiving.

the beauty of the cosmos lies in new beginnings, with a limitless capacity for change. our infinity diamond bracelet invites you to channel the potential of the universe within. featuring a recycled 14k yellow gold curved bar bearing a motif of the cosmic dance shared by the moon and stars, this handcrafted gold bracelet is adorned with bezel set diamonds and a diamond pavé.

igniting spirit and shaping ambition, a guiding star’s uniqueness defines your journey. dotted with six round brilliant white diamonds and set in 14k recycled yellow gold, our guidance pavé star pendant necklace lights the way forward; a most meaningful gift of constellation-inspired jewelry.

honouring connection, kinship and love, our cosmic love navigates life with a compass of heart, forging a direct line to the depth of their soul. our everyday lovely sway hoops feature a little heart on a 14k gold hoop, a heartfelt reminder of the endless love you give and receive. add this beauty to your ear story, honouring the way friendship and devotion gathers around those who live life with an open heart.

a centuries-old tradition, originally created not only as a piece of jewelry bearing a family crest, signet rings served as a seal to stamp one's letters. our lovely heart signet ring is an ode to leaving your special mark on the world, and honours everything that has shaped you into the brilliance that you are. a gift of unique jewelry for the lover of the cosmos in your life.

love radiates love! our everyday love lineage heart necklace features three dainty hearts growing in size, a heartfelt expression of your lineage; as your human connection grows so does your heart. handmade of 14k yellow recycled gold with an adjustable length of 16", 17" and 18″, this is an exquisite holiday gift of cosmic love language!

our cosmic love embodies the possibility of love, from fresh beginnings of falling in love under the stars to the enduring dance we make, year after year, under the moonlight. sensitive and compassionate to their core, we are swept away in their bliss of magnetic vibrations. hold all of your cosmic loves warmly.

this blog was written by Kathryn Daw