earth month 2023: a q+a on sustainability with our founder

looking for insight on sustainability and how it can be incorporated into a business? we sat down with bluboho's founder, maggie, to get the scoop on how bluboho blends sustainability and business in a way that's both effective and ethical.

so, maggie, what brought you to the decision to make sustainability a core part of your business?

bluboho is all about human connection and creating special moments for our guests. when you treat people with respect and kindness, it sets off a chain of positivity. that's why sustainability is so important to us— we want to respect our shared earth and do what we can to make a positive impact.

what sustainability initiatives does bluboho have in place?

we're proud to say that our metals are recycled, and all of our engagement rings and wedding rings are made locally in toronto. we also use recycled packaging that's not only recycled, but also functional past the point of purchase.

how do you balance the different aspects of sustainability?

nothing is perfect, and that's okay. we appreciate the imperfection and see it as an opportunity to strive for balance and create change. every act of service is worthy of celebration. from sustainable cups in the office to being unshakable on only using recycled metals, we're always striving to do better.

what do your customers ask about when it comes to sustainability?

our customers are curious about sustainability within the jewelry industry, and we're happy to answer their questions. they're particularly interested in our commitment to using recycled metals, ethically sourced stones, and our partnership with 1% for the planet.

what are the biggest rewards of your sustainability focus?

our biggest reward is crafting our beloved by bluboho line locally. while it's more expensive and there's less competition than in other areas, it allows us to work closely with our vendors and jewelers and have more visibility and control over the production process. it adds another layer to the intentionality and beauty of our one-of-a-kind engagement rings: made by hand and heart to reflect a new chapter in your life’s story. 

our sustainability efforts are driven by our commitment to human connection and respect for the earth. from recycled metals to recycled packaging, we’re striving to do our part to create a positive impact.

learn more about our sustainability practices here.