everything you need to know about caring for your air plants

If you've been into our shops, you know that we love our sweet little air plants. However, we definitely didn't get caring for them right the first time around! (sorry, little beauties!) Even though their nickname, air plant, implies they don't need much care, they actually need as much love and attention as all your plants.

Here's some tips from Gardenista that we use to keep our air plants feeling loved.

(via gardenista.com)

1) As a general rule, air plants need to be watered once a week

2) Fill a small bowl or your sink with water and soak them for 10 minutes

3) Dry them out on a towel for 20 minutes before putting them back into their dishes - you don't want them to get water logged!

4) Air plants love a little misting in between watering - they also do really well in bathrooms where it's nice and humid

(via gardenista.com)

(via gardenista.com)

For more info on caring for air plants, check out the gardenista's blog post.

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