happy earth day!

love may be intangible, but the little objects we hold close to our hearts to manifest our love are not. precious things are made from materials even more precious, because they came from mama earth. at bluboho, we’re whole-heartedly devoted to a sustainable model for sentimental jewelry. because just like our greatest loves, the earth we share is one of a kind.

so how are we making our impact? to start, all of our jewelry is made at home in Canada—most of it right here in our bustling Toronto neighbourhood! the largest source of emissions for any business is the transportation and procurement of their materials, which is why we’re proud to keep things local. Made in Canada jewelry not only supports our local creative industries, but also drastically cuts the carbon footprint of our crafting process.

our jewelry is 100% handmade. because guess what? hands don’t run on fossil fuels. this allows portions of our production process to be virtually carbon-neutral.

combine that with our commitment to using recycled gold, and you’ve got dainty rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that leave our beloved earth untouched and thriving.

we also believe that transparency is at the heart of environmental sustainability. we only provide ethically sourced gemstones with certified provenance.

and just as our jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime and beyond, our packaging is designed with the next generation in mind. each box and pouch we use to send your pieces home to you is made of durable materials that can be reused and turned into heirlooms in their own right. because sustainable means just that: something unending and renewable that continues to give without having to take.

above all, we are curious curators. reaping only what you need from this earth is how we engage ethically with her resources. we only produce jewelry we know will find a loving home, making each of our pieces more personally meaningful while avoiding excess and waste in the process.

we hope this process of introspective curation has led you to find even more love in your jewelry, too.

here’s to mama earth. she gives us everything and asks nothing in return. It’s up to all of us, together, to show her the love she deserves.