introducing oceana: wearing the wisdom of the water with ocean-inspired jewelry

our new oceana collection draws on the wisdom of the ocean, celebrating the balance of strength and softness that it embodies. we created this collection to celebrate the invigorating energy that can be drawn from the crashing of the waves, the soft, healing power of water— and the deep wisdom of the seas.

collection themes: the wisdom of water 

whenever we may feel lost at sea, we can always trust the wisdom of the water: ebb, flow, rise, heal. there is no force that can contain the ocean, and so too can you flow over and around any obstacle. 

collection themes: fluid, soft, and strong 

we are all made of water, and so the ocean reminds us that we are all connected. like the fine glitter of sea mist and the endless crashing of the waves, we contain equal measures of strength and softness deep in our cells.

water is fluid, soft, and yielding— but water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. as a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. this is another paradox: what is soft is strong. — lao tzu

gold charms cast from real seashells 

the ethically-sourced, recycled gold shell charms found in the oceana shell necklace, the wisdom of water necklace, and the shorekeeper necklace were in fact cast from real shells found by our lead designer earlier this year, on a beach in the dominican republic.

handcrafted jewelry made locally with love

the bar chain on our oceana shell necklace was handcrafted by local artisans specifically for the creation of this necklace— embodying strength in its delicate design, this piece is irreplaceable and unique.

each hand-strung gemstone bead holds hidden meanings

our three cord bracelets are adorned with an array of hand-carved natural gemstone beads, each with its own meaning and significance.

ocean blu bead cord bracelet  

strung with gemstones that channel hope and strength, heighten intuition and clarity, and encourage spiritual connection, the ocean blu bracelet embodies the depth of our interior worlds and guides our inner voice.

white howlite: infinite patience

turquoise: serenity, tranquility, protection

blue amazonite: “the hope stone”, calls on the spirit of inner strength, truth and intuition

blue aventurine: spiritual ascension

blue lapis lazuli: spirit and vision, knowledge and truth, honesty of spirit

rainbow bead cord bracelet

in its vibrant array of colours, the rainbow bead cord bracelet represents a triumphant sense of self-love and confidence, sunny optimism, honesty of spirit, and happiness.

white howlite: infinite patience

lilac purple lepidolite: stone of transition

indian agate: stone of balance, stability, self-confidence

australian green chrysoprase: emotional balance, acceptance of change

pink rose quartz: love, self-love, empathy

blue amazonite: “the hope stone”, calls on the spirit of inner strength, truth and intuition

blue aventurine: spiritual ascension

blue lapis lazuli: spirit and vision, knowledge and truth, honesty of spirit

red pink petrified rhodonite:  calm, gratitude, compassion 

pink opal: healing, heart-opening, spirituality


sand dune bead cord bracelet 

warm and inviting, the stones selected for the sand dune cord bracelet ground us in the present: manifesting contentment, encouraging creative energy, and bringing us to a sense of calm and loving connection.

white howlite: infinite patience

montana agate: connection to the earth, grounding

pink rose quartz: love, self-love, empathy

peach moonstone: soothes anxiety, loving energy, inner clarity

orange aventurine: happiness, creativity

the motion of the ocean; roll with the waves

our blue lagoon montana sapphire stacking rings are set on an angle to denote the movement and flow of the waves. with a pear sapphire to represent a droplet containing the whole ocean, and a baguette sapphire to signify the strength found in the currents, these rings remind us to channel the energy and wisdom of the water in our daily lives.

the world’s your oyster

the pearl of transformation stacking ring was added to the collection to embody the creative powers that live within us all— even those who don’t consider themselves particularly creative. just as the oyster creates beauty from a single grain of sand, we all have the strength and the softness needed to create, transform, and beautify any aspect of our lives.

sea something you love? dive in: visit us in stores to try on oceana pieces in person, or shop oceana online.