introducing the love's aura collection

every color expresses a different type of love

every color emits a different frequency, as do our emotions and ourselves.  the unique hue in every one of a kind gemstone in the love’s aura collection speaks to a different element of our combined love and highlights the aspects we find most vital.

the voice of love

the teal blue shade of the voice of love ring represents the virtues of compassion and clarity, guiding us to speak with sincerity and truth in every uttered word. The voice of love ring reminds us that love is based in deep communication and connection. As love grows, we can unlock a deeper relationship to our beloved and foster authentic, heartfelt communication.



lavender hues represent the enchantment and desire of love's allure. the spellbound ring unveils a love story filled with magnetism and adventure. its light lavender stone conceals the secrets of hearts entwined in a passionate dance, embodying the magnetic attraction that defines profound desire.


everlasting commitment

green, the color of growth and renewal, represents the enduring commitment that defines a lasting love. the everlasting commitment ring captures the essence of a love that flourishes with each passing day, much like the greenery of a thriving garden. its vibrant pear green montana sapphire sings a melody of eternal promises, enveloping you in the serenity of unwavering commitment.


Eloquent being

royal blue represents the language of love. its eloquent and truthful langauge is an ever-flowing stream of understanding that forms the most beautiful verses of your shared story. with a stunning royal blue oval sapphire centre, the eloquent being ring speaks of a love that is deep, steadfast, and sincere.


Connected souls

sky blue represents trust and an extraordinary union, where two souls are intertwined. the connected souls ring is adorned with a sky blue center stone, reminiscent of endless horizons. the connected souls ring, adorned with a mesmerizing center sky blue montana sapphire mirrors the boundless depth of your connection, much like the vast open skies.