it's capricorn season

those who live in capricorn
no trouble shall their brows adorn
if they this glowing gem have worn,
the ruby
- george frederick kunz

the wonders of the winter solstice beckon as we enter the 10th celestial sign of the zodiac. capricorn, one of four cardinal signs and ruled by the planet saturn, is known as a sea-goat resembling enki, the sumerian god of wisdom and waters, knowledge and creation.

guided by the earth, our capricorn roots deeply into their surroundings; grounding their actions in unwavering loyalty, enduring stamina and love. anchored in discipline and structure, capricorns set intentions with reverence and persistence. harnessing their hard working nature in pursuit of all goals, regardless of the energy required, they are a force to be reckoned with!

embodying an abiding thoughtfulness and devotion, to be loved by a capricorn is to be exquisitely fulfilled. so how to gift these winter flowers, our special souls of dedication and perseverance? a few of our blu favourites...

keys were seen as talismans of power and autonomy, worn by women in scandinavia in the middle ages. a meaningful gift of unique jewelry for those who revel in their worth, our avata key necklace is cast from an antique charm made of 14k recycled gold; a significant symbol of self-reliance and independence, for those who know that they alone are the ones to unlock their freedom.

signifying strength and protection, our tree of life tiny multi coin necklace embodies these aspects, with every branch growing from its stable centre. embracing us with her branches, the tree of life is an ever-present reminder that we are loved and supported as we wander on this earth. made of 14k recycled yellow gold with an adjustable length of 18” and 19”, this is a perfect gift for a beloved capricorn!

you cannot rush a tree’s embrace. growing steadily with each passing year, trees teach us that strength takes time to cultivate — but once we develop our foundation, it becomes our duty to share it with those around us. our embrace branch stacking ring honours the capacity for our personal growth with its branch-inspired textured band and a single bezel rose-cut white diamond, reminding us to hold our bonds closest to our hearts.

as seeds pierce the earth's surface, seedlings become the physical manifestation of possibility. our seedling forest earrings are crafted of 14k recycled gold; these gold and diamond studs encouraging you to realize how far you've come, having sown the seeds of the person you once were. with each passing day you grow into your newfound capacity to become a self-sustaining being of epic proportions.

aligning and unifying our physical, mental and spiritual selves requires an incredible amount of fortitude and perseverance. our 14k recycled gold unity hoop earrings are detailed with three strands symbolizing these important entities, hugging the ear as a daily reminder of the inner strength found within, to deliver peace, wholeness and serenity. a unique gift of capricorn meaning and beauty.