a note about infertility + motherhood

we are coming up on mother’s day, and as a business and a new mama I want to celebrate. at the same time, this week is infertility awareness week. it’s a weird time for me because i know the challenges and heartaches that come with infertility. and i also feel a deep gratitude that we were able to eventually conceive and have a baby through IVF.
 i am grateful and happy to be celebrating for me and all of the other amazing mamas out there. i feel lucky to have empathy and appreciation for both sides of motherhood. i also know this can be a tough time and we want to create space for all of the emotions that surround this occasion. whether you are celebrating being a mama, the mother’s around you, or working through any and all of the emotions that can come up this time of year - we are sending you as much love as we can.