note from the designer - the horizon collection


What is the story told by the horizon collection?
The horizon is your person, your source of light, your hope and comfort. Even when they are not present, you can feel the warmth of your shared future, and deep, rich past. Guiding you, stirring your soul, providing the infinite canvas for your heart's every whimsical desire. We were inspired by that very feeling of connection, of knowing that you are not alone in this vast and wonderful world. That is what the horizon collection is to us.
How is the story told through the designs?
Each of these pieces have diamonds suspended in gold, bursting with light at its centre and slowly tapering. The shape reflects that of light sitting on the edge of the horizon, gently pulling you in. The two ring styles stack seamlessly, much like when two unique souls encounter and effortlessly clickThe collection is an ode to comfort- easy to wear and easy to love. 

When have you felt this “horizon feeling” in your own life?
I encounter moments like this often, with many irreplaceable people in my life. These moments are fleeting, and an important reminder to be grateful for such significant relationships. The people in my life are what I’m most proud of. They are so wonderfully weird, strong and kind.
Most recently, it was my birthday, which I spent in Mexico. We hung out on the beach, went to a cenote that's beauty was otherworldly, explored the streets of Tulum, and then went back to the beach to have a sunset dinner. There were still moments throughout the day when I missed some of my loved ones, when I would look at the horizon, and feel at peace. It gave me immense comfort to know they are out there, and that distance means little when it comes to love.


Will bluboho continue to make their own collections?
Always. We started making our own pieces a few years ago, and they quickly became our best-sellers. Since then, we have launched two full collections, and the process has been so fulfilling, and the response from our guests so overwhelming, that we cannot but continue to make new collections. We are so grateful that our guests have encouraged us to take creative risks so that we can do what we're most passionate about.
All our collections begin with a story, and each piece infused with our core values. This has given us not just a way to express ourselves, but a beautiful opportunity to share that message with all of you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support as we explore our boundaries and try new things. We hope this collection brings you comfort, and helps you connect with your loved ones wherever in the world they may be.