meet the one piece of jewelry we won’t tell you to take off before bed 

looking for permanent jewelry in toronto? look no further: our linked bracelets are here to stay. 

permanent jewelry has taken the world by storm, and we’ve brought the trend to bluboho in the form of our linked bracelets, which are welded together for a bespoke fit and a sleek, elevated claspless look. 

what are permanent bracelets? 


welded bracelets, soldered bracelets, zap bracelets, permanent bracelets— though they’re known by many different names, we like to call ours “linked” bracelets. 


our linked bracelet is a poignant way to mark the most meaningful and long-lasting of connections— the ones that outlast the test of time, remaining strong and true. the bracelets are a form of permanent jewelry: toronto locals can book at our yonge street location to have them welded or “zapped” on, forming a perfect loop unbroken by a clasp or fastening, custom-sized for a perfect fit— a permanent piece to honour the forever-bonds in your life. 

our solid gold permanent bracelets have taken toronto by storm, and we’ve seen them used to mark bonds of all kinds: besties, siblings, lovers, parent-child duos and beyond (pro tip: linked bracelets make the ideal elevated friendship bracelet!). 

we’ve had many people book their appointment solo as a “treat yourself” moment of self-love, too! there’s nothing better than a piece of everyday luxury to remind yourself that you’ve got your own back. 

get a sneak preview of a linked appointment over on our tiktok!


but don’t just listen to us— take it from them! 

  • “we wanted to mark our connection, but we didn’t feel ready for an engagement ring… linked bracelets felt like the perfect choice! we chose matching chains to get welded together, and the whole experience was so fun— it definitely made for a memorable date! i love how our bracelets are there forever, just like our love.” – andrew and sonia
  • “we’re long-distance besties, and we don’t get to see each other too often, so when we finally had a reunion we wanted to upgrade from the homemade friendship bracelets we made as kids. now, we’re always connected, no matter where in the world we are— our permanent bracelets are so beautiful, such an elevated way to mark our bond.” – jenn and kendyl
  • “i wanted to gift my bridesmaids something special that they could actually use and enjoy beyond my wedding— something that honours the bonds between us and reminds them that i’m always here for them, just like they are for me. we turned our linked appointments into the start of my bachelorette weekend, and it was the perfect way to start the celebrations! my besties all got to pick a style that suited them, and the memories we made will last as long as the bracelets will” – aliyah 
  • “i’m heading off to college at the end of the summer, and my mom suggested that we get linked bracelets to mark the milestone of me moving out and starting a new chapter! we got matching infinite inseparable bracelets to remind us of our bond, and that my mom will always be there for me.”  – kaitlyn and dianne
  • “i’ve had a big year of transitions and change— a promotion, lots of personal growth, a relationship breakup— and it felt like the right time to treat myself to something to mark how far i’ve come on my journey. i chose the cable chain for something that’ll go with everything and give an understated bit of sparkle for everyday wear. every time i see it, i remember that i’ve got this— i can always come home to myself”  – annika 


what makes our welded bracelets special?

commit to your values: as leaders in ethical gold jewelry made in canada, rest assured that our linked bracelets are handcrafted in toronto with recycled 14k yellow gold, making it a piece you can feel good about wearing 24/7.






begin your forever-linked journey by selecting a time and date that suits you best, and proceed with placing your $50 deposit to reserve your spot! appointment times run from 30min after our doors open to 30 minutes before they close for the evening, ensuring that our team has space to give you and your forever-linked friends our undivided attention… and adequate time to get linked!




more than simply a shining 14k adornment, our permanent bracelets are perfect for marking meaningful, inseparable connections of all kinds. since launching, we’ve seen our guests using these welded wonders to mark milestones in their lives. 

seeking a perfect alternative to a promise ring? get forever linked!

celebrating your engagement alongside your soul sisters? get forever linked! 

no matter the occasion, mark it with a piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime.




there are currently four chains available to choose from when you come in for your linked appointment, including: 

  • cable chain ($198) 
  • infinite inseparable ($249)
  • figaro ($249)
  • our highly coveted kinship chain ($298)


each delicate chain comes with its own unique story and meaning, making your permanent jewelry experience all the more special. 




once you’ve chosen your chain, it’s time to get ZAPPED! our welded jewelry experts will assist you in making this connection last forever by measuring your chain of choice to a comfortable fit (think cinderella and her glass slipper— a one-of-a-kind fit for your wrist). from there, using our hand-held welding device, magnifying glass, and a steady hand, we will attach end-to-end and fuse them together in a simple, seamless, and secure attachment!


in need of a little something more personal? try adding a serendipity charm to your welded bracelet as a unique way to tell your story—perhaps marking the birth month of a loved one whose spirit you’d like to keep with you, or simply adding a touch of colour!




  • the minimum age to get a linked bracelet is 16 years old, or 12 years old with a parent or guardian present.
  • each appointment requires a $50 deposit at the time of booking.
  • the chains and jump rings are solid 14k gold, making them durable and tarnish-resistant.
  • If you need to remove your bracelet, carefully snip the jump ring with sharp scissors, pliers, or nail clippers to maintain the integrity of the chain— as long as the chain is intact, we are happy to reattach the bracelet for a small service fee of $25. 
  • the chain will be measured to your wrist and your preference to create a bespoke fit. please be mindful of any other bracelets or watches you wear!


have questions about our permanent bracelets? we’re here to help! 


visit our forever-linked information page to see our FAQs or reach out to one of our online connectors to get in the know!