pisces gift guide

There’s nothing like having a pisces in your life. Known for being empathetic and emotionally adventurous, a pisces is your shoulder to cry on and can always get to the bottom of your troubles. With her open heart and intuition, a pisces always knows the perfect romantic gesture and, as with all water signs, this makes her a devoted partner in all relationships. We especially love a pisces because she’s creative, imaginative, and artistic—always inspiring those in her life to follow their innate intuitions.

We’ve put together the perfect pisces season gift guide, inspired by our favourite groundbreaking women who happen to be pisces themselves! Hopefully it’ll give you ideas for how to say thank you to your special pisces for all the support, belly laughs, and happy tears they bring into your life each day.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is someone who knows how to rise from the valleys of life only to conquer its greatest peaks. A spellbinding actress and artist, Emily originally got into acting to overcome a speech impediment that deeply affected her life as a teenager. Those acting lessons paid off through her perseverance, teaching us that our greatest potential can lie in our insecurities, which is what inspired our peaks and valleys ring.

Toni Morrison

Godmother of the great American novel, Nobel laureate of literature Toni Morisson knew how to conjure the depths of human emotion unlike any other. Our tie dye medallion ring is inspired by the force of the night sky, and we think its mystical emotive powers burn through the words of Toni’s novels. The perfect gift for your artistic pisces. 

Catherine O’Hara

This is one for all the bébés out there! The incomparable pisces Catherine O’Hara has had us in stitches for decades. A comedic tour de force, Catherine never fails to leave her unique mark on everything she does, which is why she reminds us of the imprint necklace–a piece made for those who always leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Trailblazing Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t only a tireless defender of human rights, she was also a style icon! Known for her pisces-like empathy and devotion, RBG rocked pearl earrings like no other. We dedicate our pearl sway hoop earrings to a truly iconic woman who changed the course of history.

Lupita Nyong’o

No one embodies versatility quite like Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong’o. Our revival necklace is an ode to renewal and personal growth through the act of shedding your skin and emerging anew. Lupita is able to do this through her artistry in every one of her characters, from the heartbreaking to the thrilling. Here’s to growth through change!

From all of us at bluboho, happy birthday to our pisces babies! May your emotional depth and sense of wonder be an inspiration to all xo