planning a holiday proposal in 5 steps

we love the holidays— and it goes without saying that we love holiday proposals. however, we know that this wonderful, busy time of year can feel like a daunting time to plan one of the biggest moments of your life. 

we’re here to help! since we’re in the business of helping people find the perfect engagement ring, we happen to know a thing or two about how to plan the perfect holiday proposal.

reasons to propose over the holidays:

  • you’ll already be gathering with friends and family, so there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate surrounded by your loved ones
  • the festive season makes a beautiful festive backdrop for a romantic proposal: twinkle lights, snow, and holiday decor can all be incorporated into your engagement photos
  • traditions and activities are often already a big part of the holidays— and a holiday proposal is a great way to make them even more memorable. whether it’s holiday baking, ice skating, carolling, or something unique to your loved ones, this is a perfect opportunity to make a proposal personal
  • creative surprise proposals: hide the ring in a gift, under the mistletoe, hanging on a tree— the possibilities are endless!  
  • a holiday proposal can give the holiday more meaning— whether your partner is a lover of the festive season or more ambivalent towards it, proposing during the holidays can make for a memorable engagement story and a cherished memory for years to come

how to plan your holiday proposal in 5 steps

we’re here to help— we’ve broken down the process to make things easier: how to start planning your engagement, all the logistics, and all the 

  • plan + prep
    • gather inspiration: seek out ideas from our testimonials, ask your circle for their engagement stories— but ultimately, focus on your partner and what would be the most personal and meaningful to your own love story! the very best moments are created when they have intention, thoughtfulness, and meaning at the centre.
    • reflect: to the above point, spend some time reflecting on your proposal intentions. what about a holiday proposal feels particularly special in the context of your relationship? do you have cherished memories around this time of year, or is there a new tradition you want to create with your proposal? 
    • find your ring: this is where we come in! the best place to start is on our website, where you can browse our unique sapphire engagement rings. next, book your ring consultation for a personalized engagement ring shopping experience, where we will guide you through our selection to find the perfect ring for your holiday proposal
    • if you decide to hire a photographer, do your research and select someone whose work you love, as these photos will become memories you cherish forever

  • logistics
    now that you’ve found your ring, it’s time to nail down the nitty-gritty details of your marriage proposal.

  • when and where to propose: some prefer to choose a day and time, others prefer to keep the ring on hand and wait for the opportune moment. if you’re choosing the latter option, have an idea of what “the perfect moment” means to you so that when it comes you have the clarity and preparation all lined up. if you’re a planner, make sure you have an excuse to tell your partner so as not to spoil the surprise!

    who to tell: this will vary from person to person— you may want to let her family and friends know your plans so that they can help you orchestrate your proposal or pull off the surprise. many of our guests plan a celebration with their loved ones for immediately or soon after the big question, so it’s helpful to give people a head’s up to make sure they’re available amidst a busy season.

  • what to say when you propose
  • some want a cozy, intimate proposal, and some prefer a more extravagant one— whichever way feels right to you, this will be one of the biggest moments of your life. 

    no matter the setting, we recommend writing down and practicing what you’ll say when you get down on one knee so that you’re prepared for the momentous occasion! tell your beloved the reasons you fell in love, reference your journey so far, and talk about your hopes, dreams, and intentions for your future.

  • popping the question
  • some things to remember for when the moment arrives: 

    it’s okay to be nervous! take some deep breaths, take your time, and remember that in this moment, the only thing that truly matters is the love between you.


    • the ring! keep it in its ring box for safekeeping
    • tissues or a hankerchief for those happy tears
    • a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with

  • submit your story
  • you’ve done it! we can’t wait to celebrate with you— send us your love story and some photos so we can shout you out and share in your happiness. being a small part of this chapter in your story means the world to us, and truly is why we love what we do. 

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