rituals to celebrate the full snow moon

have you ever heard of the snow moon? happening on february 5th, 2023, this magical winter moon is named after february’s cold, snowy weather. it is one of many full moons with special names given to them throughout the year. the various moon names are a way to honour and celebrate the natural cycles in our lives. whether you want to make a ritual out of it or simply appreciate it from afar, here’s everything you need to know about the snow moon and why it’s so special. 

what is a snow moon? 

the snow moon was given its name due to february usually being one of the snowiest months of the year in many parts of the world. It marks the moment when the light shifts towards springtime, even as the land is blanketed in snow in many northern hemispheres. 

to some, it is also traditionally known as the hunger moon because food can be scarce during this time due to winter weather making hunting difficult. in some traditions, it’s also known as storm moon due to february historically having higher than average storms and winds. 

how to celebrate the snow moon? 

if you want to celebrate the snow moon, there are several things you can do! we love this blanketing ritual to create a safe space for letting go, and another way would be to spend some time outdoors looking at the night sky on a clear night when no cloud cover is blocking your view. if that isn’t possible, take some time for meditation, reflection, yoga, or journaling to help bring you closer to this magical event. you could also light candles around your space or take a ritual bath under its light! 

you could even combine these activities into a complete evening ritual—take a few moments for yourself either indoors or outdoors, meditate on your intentions for this cycle, light a few candles, write down what comes up for you in your journal and then take that bath to cleanse, relax, and reset. a ritual like this will help align yourself with nature's rhythms and bring more balance and awareness into your life.  

start your full moon ritual here: pull a contemplation card to mark the snow moon.

celebrating lunar events such as the snow moon has been around since ancient times, but they don't have to be left as ancient rituals! connecting with nature can bring more balance and intention into our lives, which is why we should all take some time out of our busy schedules and appreciate nature's beauty and abundance. 

so if you're looking for something new and exciting, why not give marking the moment of full moons a try? let us know how it goes!