super special sapphires

revered throughout history for their beauty, sapphires have been a popular choice for engagement rings for generations.

our founder, maggie aurocco, set out to make our engagement rings soulful future heirlooms, handmade as ethically and sustainably as possible— and since then we've never looked back. the sapphires we use are predominantly sourced from montana, and we want to share some information about what makes a montana sapphire engagement ring so special.

Montana sapphires, born of the earth's enchantment in the wild landscapes of Montana, weave a tapestry of unique allure. Colored in a whimsical palette that spans the spectrum from the ethereal blues  to the sun-kissed hues of green, yellow, and orange, each gem tells a story of nature's artistry. Adorned with subtle inclusions, these sapphires dance under the cosmic glow, revealing asterisms that add to their mystique.
Ethically sourced, these treasures echo the bohemian spirit, resonating with those who seek a connection to the earth. As rare as the fleeting moments of a sunset, these gems are custom-cut, a bespoke expression of individuality by artisans who honor the spirit of Montana. In the heart of the bohemian, these sapphires radiate a free-spirited charm, capturing the essence of the wild and weaving it into the fabric of uniquely crafted jewelry


a super special collection of stones; limited batch of specially sourced sapphires
just for you! all gemstones are hand cut and sustainability sifted from the earth, we have maintained the same high bluboho quality standards with all these rings and gemstones.
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