the hidden gemstone meanings in our evil eye jewelry collection

throughout history, gemstones have captivated our attention, each one bringing with it a certain energy and beauty. they are considered to have holistic healing, and spiritual properties, and are often used in crystal healing jewelry to bring prosperity and balance into our lives. 

our newly-expanded evil eye collection showcases the mystique of this historical icon— in a unique, colourful, and eclectic collection of protection jewelry unlike any other.

in this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the healing crystals featured in our evil eye collection and the gemstones’ meanings. 


emeralds have been prized throughout history for their wit, eloquence, and foresight. this stone encourages us to be more articulate in our words, express our thoughts more clearly, and use wisdom to make decisions. it also helps us to see the bigger picture in any situation and move forward with an open mind. 

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tsavorite garnet is known for its vibrant green colour and soothing energy. this gemstone has been said to encourage benevolence, vitality, prosperity, vigour, and compassion in its wearer. it's believed that tsavorite garnet can help you manifest your goals by encouraging positive actions in your life. 

tsavorite garnets can be found in our tsavorite mystical eye chain earring, tsavorite mystical evil eye ring, and tsavorite mystical evil eye pendant.

sapphires come in many colours including blue, pink, lavender and yellow—each conveying a different message about its wearer. blue sapphire is associated with luck, loyalty, happiness, love and insight; pink sapphire stands for love and truth; lavender sapphire represents the higher mind; while yellow sapphire symbolizes divine grace and power. finally, the white diamond conveys messages associated with love devotion cleanliness even holiness.  

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did you know? the natural gemstone beads on our new beaded visionary evil eye bracelet were intentionally selected to amplify the meaning of the visionary eye charm that hangs on it.

  • rainbow agate properties: this beautiful stone is known as a “motivation stone”. rainbow agate has the power to give you the courage and confidence necessary for progress. it can also help you gain strength, manifest your dreams, and make things happen. this crystal is perfect for when you need an extra boost in self-belief or courage.

  • amazonite properties: named "the hope stone", this mesmerizing blue-green gemstone was said to line the shields of amazonian warriors. it is an excellent truth-seeker, helping to clear blockages from the throat chakra so you can speak clearly from your heart. in addition, it diffuses negative energy while encouraging acceptance and flow in life. amazonite is perfect for those times when anxiety takes over; it will help soothe your nerves to bring calm energy back into your life.

  • smoky quartz properties: this incredible grounding stone is part of the quartz family, which carries many healing properties. smoky quartz is known for its ability to dispel negative energy while helping us stay connected with our physical realm— so if you’re looking for balance between spirituality and practicality, this is the stone for you! smoky quartz also helps clear away emotional pain from past experiences, creating room in your heart for joy, happiness, and creativity. 

 all these stones have powerful energies that can help guide us on our journey towards success and peace of mind. gemstones are not only beautiful accessories, but also powerful symbols of transformation that can help us live more balanced lives filled with meaning and purpose. 

so why not give them a try? after all, it never hurts to seek a little extra support and protection.

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