the story behind the mama script necklace

for many of us, the first letter we ever wrote was to our mamas. “to: mama” was lovingly scrawled in the corner of our childhood artwork, signed on birthday cards year after year, a perfect record of the evolution of our handwriting, interspersed with our humble attempts to recreate her cursive, the letters growing and refining as we ourselves grew into the person she raised us to be.

In our handwriting, we can see the traces of all those who have loved us and nurtured us, bearing the marks and inflections of all the mamas in our lives, no matter what form they’ve come in.

It makes us think of that moment of heartwarming surprise as you glance at a hastily written grocery list and realize that somehow your handwriting looks just like her’s. It’s proof that she’s shaped and formed you in ways deeper than you could ever imagine.

this is the inspiration behind our mama script necklace. now our mainstay mother’s day gift, this necklace was first added to our collection years ago. bluboho co-founder and owner Maggie says that she “wanted to create something to celebrate all of the women who nurture life in a simple, timeless, and intimate piece.” hoping to craft a necklace that would reflect the connectivity and personal bond we share with the mamas of our lives, Maggie wrote the word mama in her handwriting, cast it in 14k yellow gold, and from there the mama script necklace was born.


since the birth of her child in 2019, getting to the essence of mother’s day jewelry has been a personal commitment for Maggie. “after the experience of having my first child, mama takes on an even more intimate meaning, as it was the first sound from the mouth of my babe,” she says. “I’ve come to learn that mama is the first sound that most babies make,” Maggie explains, “and it's the most universal human word, spoken virtually the same way in almost every language around the world.”

“It is a great honour to watch these creatures learn, grow and communicate with us,” Maggie says, describing the beauty of hearing “mama” spoken in her child’s voice.

motherhood exists in all of us. It’s so much more than a connection between parent and child, but is rather a universal human force that fosters life and nurtures growth. a mama is anyone who helps the world to flourish. our mother’s day necklace is all about that connection—and not just what we learn from our mamas, but what mamas learn from the ones they love and protect.

to all the mamas this mother’s day: we feel you, we love you, we thank you.