the wisdom of mother trees

this mother’s day, we give thanks to the sustainers, nurturers, and leaders who hold together our families and communities: mothers. the tree of life collection honours the unbreakable bonds that uphold us— the strength of our mothers and mother earth, and the ancient wisdom of the mother tree.


what is a mother tree?  according to the mother tree project, headed by groundbreaking researcher suzanne simard, “mother trees are large trees within a forest that act as centralized hubs, supporting communication and nutrient exchange amongst trees.”

when mother trees—the majestic hubs at the center of forest communication, protection, and sentience—die, they pass their wisdom to their kin, generation after generation, sharing the knowledge of what helps and what harms, who is friend or foe, and how to adapt and survive in an ever-changing landscape. it’s what all parents do.  

how is it possible for them to send warning signals, recognition messages, and safety dispatches as rapidly as telephone calls? how do they help one another through distress and sickness? why do they have human-like behaviors, and why do they work like civil societies?  ― suzanne simard, finding the mother tree: discovering the wisdom of the forest

like the might of the mother trees, we each have felt the powerful presence and support flowing from someone who loves us. the mother tree teaches us strength, the balance of reciprocal generosity, to care for someone other than ourselves.


mother trees sustain forest ecosystems made up of more than just their kin— they watch over a surrounding network of hundreds of trees. they distribute resources to saplings that need support, and build connections and bonds with other species in order to pass down the legacy of wisdom to future generations. 

these pillars of ancient wisdom were named “mothers” for good reason. mothers and mother-figures within our communities share many of these traits, and often this generous, sustaining work may also go unseen and unsung below the surfaces of our lives. this collection is a tribute to them— the figures in our lives who bring comfort, support, and care; those watching over us, who give of their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls to ensure our wellbeing. 


inspired by the organic shapes and natural forms of the forest, each piece was intentionally designed and lovingly hand-crafted by local artisans to evoke images of grounding roots and protective branches.

the tree of life collection makes a perfect gift of gratitude to mothers or mentors, or can be worn as a reminder to yourself that you will never truly stand alone.