virgo gift guide



virgo season is here and in full swing. a virgo is someone born between august 23rd and september 22nd, making them sapphire babies! they are known for being practical, sensible, and loyal. what makes them incredibly special is their ability to form and nurture relationships with their partner, friends, and family. as known perfectionists, they can be meticulous in their day to day, which also makes them extremely dedicated to the people in their lives. remind your sweet, virgo to take time to relax and recover and to channel their work ethic into projects that spark joy. this will help them find success in all areas of their lives. and when in doubt, remember that beyonce is too a virgo.



bluboho owner, Maggie is a virgo and put together a list of her must-have dainty virgo-inspired jewelry pieces for our gift guide. Maggie has picked an incredible list of layered jewelry pieces every virgo in your life will love.



to recognize that we must embrace the dualities of life, to navigate and always find our light.



because we care so deeply for mother earth and the human collective. we look for ways to nourish all relationships as they evolve and grow.



to embrace our inner strength and our fierce loyalty to our personal ideals.



an ode to the ongoing formative experiences in life that are inextricably woven into your story.


punctuating strength gained in a transformative journey. a reminder that you have the foundation needed to endure any circumstance



virgo season means it’s also sapphire season and we’ve got your sapphire jewelry needs covered. from artist cut sapphires to montana sapphires, we carry unique sapphire rings to help celebrate your special virgo. the attention to detail in the stones and settings makes them the perfect one-of-a-kind sapphire ring to say, “i love you”. there’s no denying our sapphire rings offer a unique and spectacular brilliance. And because no two virgo’s are alike, there should never been two sapphire rings alike.




other notable virgos: Blake Lively, Beyonce, Oprah, Padma Lakshmi, Agatha Christie