welcome to cancer season: a guide to meaningful gifting


as of june 21, we are officially in the zodiac season of cancer— and we’ve put together a guide to the season, including a guide to gift buying for all our favourite cancerians.

CANCERIANS in a nutshell:

cancerians are water signs known for their gentle hearts and nurturing spirits. represented by the zodiac sign of cancer, it should come as no surprise that these intuitive individuals are ruled by the equally gentle and graceful moon. 


ELEMENT: cardinal water


TRAITS: compassion, intuitive, emotional, loyal, protective, tasteful, nurturing

STONES: pearl, ruby

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CANCER SEASON 2022 TAROT CARD: as a ritual of setting intention, we pulled a tarot card to set us on the path for the month ahead


you are a vessel for the divine love and compassion pouring through you with every passing day. this season, you can’t help but let that love flow through you into the world, expressing new ways to cherish yourself and those around you. with heightened creativity and an intense connection to your deepest emotions, you are ready to fully receive and embody love. 

REMEMBER:  give love,  receive love, and BE love: simply allow your heart to overflow.

this season’s astrology forecast calls for a deeper connection to our roots: honing in on the moon’s natural influence over our emotional selves to bring the sentimental facets of our beings to the surface. though many believe cancer season to be a time of heightened sensitivity, we have come to celebrate the natural ebb and flow that it brings— after all, whoever said that feeling our feelings was a bad thing?


celebrate the season of deep emotion with a few bluboho favourites 

lunar phase duo

with the moon at home in the sign of cancer,  this asymmetrical diamond duo honours the loyal, sentimental qualities of our cancerian friends. Let these handcrafted studs show us the beauty of love expressed through support and constance, and remind us that helping another shine is truly the greatest act of kindness.

PAIRS WELL WITH: crescent moon threader, guardian ear cuff and a warm cup of chamomile tea…

wisdom of water shell necklace

equipped with a one-of-a-kind pearl charm, calming blue sapphire, and a hand-cast shell pendant, this necklace is a talisman that helps us to stay soft at heart and strong in spirit. this powerful necklace encourages the wearer to follow their heart, and trust that it knows the way…

PAIRS WELL WITH: pearl renewal collar, pirouette choker and an evening of reflection and quiet contemplation…

rippling wave ring

honouring the flux and flow of the tides, and the wisdom earned when we embrace our deepest truths. cancerian by nature, this ring symbolizes the natural ebb and flow of life, emotions, and all that lies in between. 


rippling wave ring + lean on me

meaning:  a promise of connection and support through the highs and lows of life— reminding us that we are never truly alone. 

PAIRS WELL WITH: loyalty signet, love lineage studs, and a romantic weekend getaway under the stars…

kindred lobster love pendant

inspired by the romantic tale of lobsters in love: when a lobster finds its soulmate deep within the sea, it holds on for life. a hand-carved talisman to say, ‘you are my lobster, and i am yours’ this golden emblem of love is the perfect gift to honour the loyal, nurturing qualities cancer season brings…

PAIRS WELL WITH: endless ocean sapphire necklace, larger moonglade ring, and a steamy sunset stroll down your favorite shoreline…

we have meaningful and sentimental gift options for all your cancerian loved ones: discover the full array of options in our curated cancer gift guide

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