why solid gold jewelry is worth the investment

if you’ve ever bought yourself solid gold jewelry, you probably remember the moment you made that purchase. your first ever piece of fine jewelry feels special— and often, it’s bought to mark a significant milestone or moment in your life. 

in the last decade, the jewelry industry has been flooded with fast-fashion jewelry. as it is intended to be worn for a season and discarded, this type of jewelry often ends up in landfills. 

we’ve committed ourselves to creating another option: solid recycled gold jewelry built to last a lifetime. at bluboho, we believe that life’s moments should be bookmarked and live on as a legacy. we create space to contemplate and celebrate these moments, creating heirloom pieces that can be worn and passed down through generations. 

a lot of sustainable practices are based on the idea of quality > quantity: having less “stuff”, creating less waste, and repairing our high-quality items instead of discarding them so that they can be used long-term.

let’s take a closer look at why recycled solid gold jewelry is an eco-friendly choice worth investing in.

recycled solid gold jewelry has its benefits

at bluboho, we use solid recycled gold for our jewelry. this eliminates the need to contribute to mining practices and reduces waste by reusing existing gold instead of sourcing new material each time we create a piece. 

additionally, each piece is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans who ensure every detail is perfect before passing it along to our customers. our pieces are made with 14k gold that won’t fade away with wear or washing your hands—making them perfect for everyday wear!

intentional pieces to mark life’s big moments

at bluboho we believe that fine jewelry should tell a story; it should remind us of life’s most meaningful moments, big and small. that’s why we choose solid recycled gold over fast fashion alternatives every time—it allows us to create beautiful heirloom pieces with a conscience that can be treasured for years (or even generations!) to come! 

counteracting the impact of fast fashion jewelry

fast fashion jewelry is cheap and easy to mass-produce— and it is also extremely harmful to the environment. many fast-fashion pieces are made from mixed metals and plastic components which cannot be recycled, meaning they will remain in landfills forever. low-quality metals like brass can contain lead, zinc, or nickel—all materials which are extremely damaging when exposed to water or soil for long periods of time.  

many of these materials are mined from countries with little regulation around labour or environmental protection laws. fast fashion is an industry where human rights abuses are common practice. bluboho aims to be the antithesis to fast fashion by crafting high-quality, heirloom-worthy jewelry that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

note: we know that there is a time and a place for cheaper/costume jewelry— and we all probably already own some. luckily, there are ways to use these pieces in more sustainable ways and to be intentional even when shopping on a budget. 

 some ways to minimize the negative impact of your fast fashion pieces:

  • donating to your local thrift stores instead of throwing them away
  • gifting unwanted pieces to friends and family who may enjoy them when you’re ready to let them go
  • buying fewer items, choosing versatile pieces you’ll use often and for the long term

jewelry is a luxury item, and when we get the opportunity to make those purchases, it can be even more rewarding to purchase pieces that align with our values, marking special moments in our lives. if you want your jewelry purchases to make a positive impact on both people and the planet alike, then sustainable solid recycled gold is definitely the way forward!