lunar moon phase pair earring - 14k yellow gold


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the moonlight collection is a celebration of beginning anew to shine our brightest…

the moon’s glow can give us a sense of connection to the cosmos and each other. that’s because the light of the moon is itself an act of devotion. the moon borrows its light from the sun. the sun and moon are in an endless flux, unwavering in their commitment to each other. together, they show us the beauty of a love expressed through support and constance, and that to help another shine is the greatest act of kindness. the shape of the crescent moon represents new beginnings, 

the lunar moon phase earring set includes one 'everyday larger crescent moon earring' and one 'moonlight crescent earring' which has 7 pave white diamonds. this piece is a talisman for beginning anew to be a better and brighter version of oneself.