Faceted felicity stacking ring - 10k yellow gold


the perfect stacker to add that missing texture in your stack, the faceted felicity ring is hammered just so slightly. this classic 10k yellow gold stacking ring is our favourite when we add multiple to complete the look.

Our bluboho team has never been more excited to connect you with the thin delicate rings that will turn your gold jewelry look on its head. Stacking your rings is something that is deeply personal and creative and we get no greater joy than helping people unlock their artistic potential with this innovative jewelry style. Our oakville jewelry stores are always stocked with both our latest dainty rings and our classic collection of stacking rings, including the timeless faceted felicity stacking ring. Bluboho rings are made with stacking in mind so that you can grow alongside your ring collection.


In our toronto jewelry stores—on both Queen Street West and Yonge Street—you can find thin delicate rings that are handcrafted with life’s journeys in mind, so we encourage all our guests to choose gold rings that mark each milestone, moment, and memory that shapes us into the beautiful humans we are. Using rings to mark occasions goes far beyond wedding and engagement rings: rose gold rings can honour a birthday, graduation or accomplishment—or they can be worn as a simple memento of your own self-love. That’s why we love our faceted felicity stacking rings: they have a hammered ring texture which celebrates endurance, resiliency and tenacity.


Stacking rings have become the ultimate way to express yourself. Some people chose to wear their ring collection in the same composition everyday while some love to change their stack whenever the mood takes them. A thin gold ring can become a stand-out piece when coupled with other casual rings that Toronto can provide. Move this 14k gold ring around your fingers and get playful, when it comes to rose gold rings there are no limits. Get creative with your Canadian jewelry and look for unexpected ways to join your jewelry together to tell a story. dainty gold rings have become one of the hottest trends out there but what we love about this trend is that it can always feel like your own design. be bold with personalizing your stacked ring look and try multiple stacking rings, like this faceted ring.


One of the most distinguishing feature of the faceted felicity stacking ring is its unique ring texture. We describe it as a hammered or geometric effect that allows the polished gold band to catch the light at distinctive angles. This also makes perfect for stacking in that it contrasts the finishes and designs of most other gold rings. Texture is one of the key principles of design: texture has been studied for centuries for its aesthetic offerings, for how it delights the senses and lights up the imagination. That’s why we designed these stacking rings to bring a different feel to your ring collection. You can complement the faceted finish by pairing it with our other more geometric pieces such as the honeycomb earring or the infinite inseparable necklace.


There are no rules for making your perfect stack—but we have a few tips to help familiarize yourself with your ring collection’s potential: Start by selecting those pieces that you love and want to see combined together and go from there. To add a sense of contrast, mix the ring texture and shapes of your rings: try to alternate between rings with a smooth finish and those with a faceted or textured band. Another way to bring your custom creativity to life is to make sure that you vary stone shapes and styles. Try taking your ring with the largest stones and balancing it atop a combination of thin gold band ring and more dynamic diamond pavé bands. Canadian jewelry designers always say that in order to finish off a rose gold rings look, add a pop of colour! Cut through the centre of your 14k gold ring stack with a brilliant band of sapphires or emeralds or bring harmony and balance to a larger stack with a dark flash of rubies or black diamonds.


Hopefully these tips will help you understand why we made our line of stacking rings for exactly this purpose. Gold jewelry Toronto is made locally and inspires local talent, and that includes you. These bluboho rings are for the artistic souls who want their vision and intention to shine through everything that they do—from an artistic practice to an aesthetic form such as jewelry. Our stacking rings feature a thin size and varied ring texture, making them just the thing to fill out a stack and create that whimsical, free-spirited look for your hand.