tie dye moonchild medallion necklace - 14k yellow gold, blue sapphire, 20"


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the modern day flower child; introspective and compassionate. a person who feels and cares deeply about the earth and human collective. this full moon shaped medallion is coloured by the night’s landscape in star set sapphires. at its centre, a round montana blue sapphire that varies in colour from piece to piece, making each truly one of a kind. 

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This is the tie dye medallion necklace. A key piece in our tie dye collection and some of our favourite modern minimal jewelry for summer! Set on a 20 inch 14k gold chain, the tie dye medallion necklace features seventeen unique blue sapphires, all sourced from the wild plains of Montana. Perfect for anyone in touch with the sun and stars, this moon child medallion necklace is coloured by the night’s landscape.

Our tie dye medallion necklace stacks perfectly with another 14k yellow gold necklace or can be worn as a statement piece on its own. For all of our modern-day flower children who know that each and every soul is irreplaceable, we have designed our mood child medallion necklace to have a one-of-a-kind sapphire at its center, meaning that the colour profile on each montana blue sapphire necklace is unique. The chain on this 20 inch gold necklace features over-sized links that catch the light and add variety and texture to a stacked necklace look. The moon child medallion necklace also comes on a slightly longer chain than many of our 14k yellow gold necklaces, giving your necklace look shimmer, variety and elegance.

Why choose sapphires for this precious moon child medallion necklace? On a spiritual level, sapphires are revered as the stones of protection and insight—key intentions behind our tie dye medallion necklace. On a practical level, sapphires are one of the hardest precious gemstones, meaning they can overcome the tests of time. It is also known that the harder the stone, the brighter it shines. Meaning that this blue sapphire necklace is nearly unmatched for its brilliance and comes in a full and dazzling spectrum of colours. This yellow gold blue sapphire necklace also makes a great gift as sapphires are also the September birthstone. A moon shaped medallion necklace has the ability to connect us to something great, which is why we finished the edges of the tie dye medallion necklace with milgrain detailing to symbolize the infinite edges of the universe. In ancient and medieval times, the sapphire was said to be the stone that most closely resembled the blue colour of the heavens, and as such was celebrated as a gemstone which could bring protection, good fortune and deepest insight. Sapphires were also understood to attract kindness and wise judgement.

Bluboho is committed to hand-crafting sustainable jewelry, so this ethical sapphire necklace uses sustainably sources gemstones, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear the recycled gold necklace. We are also committed to sustainable jewelry by working only with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in Toronto. Supporting handmade jewelry Toronto is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to make each piece part of something greater than ourselves. This also ensures the highest quality moon child medallion necklace Canada has to offer, allowing you to treasure this special beauty for decades to come. This dainty yellow gold blue sapphire necklace comes with a fine delicate 14k gold chain that will withstand the test of time. And as a commitment to the wellbeing of not just ourselves but the whole precious and irreplaceable world, bluboho uses recycled and ethically sourced 14k gold to make our moon child medallion necklace to the finest calibre. 

Our free-spirited jewelry is a celebration of luxury, elegance, and human connection—and the tie dye medallion necklace in our tie dye collection are no exception. The tie dye medallion necklace is also so much more than just a representation of the beauty of the night sky: it is a signifier of an adventurous spirit who seeks to wander far and take fate into her own hands. Everything in our tie dye collection pays tribute to empathy, sensitivity and awareness—all characteristics of those who are able to bring true joy and love to those around them and who are able to see their dreams come to fruition.

Moon child tie dye jewelry is made for those of who know when to call on their community for support and those who hold eternal human bonds close. A moon child is also one who has a genuinely curious soul and often refuses to give up on even their wildest fantasies. We have all looked towards the moon and wondered after its magnetic presence, admiring its promise of new beginnings. With this beautiful dainty necklace, we celebrate those special souls who carry this sense of awe and inspiration with them no matter the weather.