tie dye moonchild medallion ring - 14k yellow gold, blue sapphire


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the tie dye moon child is an introspective creative, a compassionate caretaker of the earth and the human collective. inspired by the kaleidoscopic intuition of these free spirits, this full-moon-shaped medallion ring, made to match our moon child medallion necklace, is coloured by a skyscape of star-set sapphires, the hues of which vary from piece to piece— making each ring as unique and as magical as the one who wears it.


The tie dye moon child medallion ring is for those in touch with the turning of the earth and the calling of the moon. This sapphire ring draws you in with a swirling mosaic of round brilliant precious gemstones that dance with a full spectrum of colour. Each blue sapphire ring is one of a kind: this is because our bluboho jewelers hand-pick a selection of seventeen ethically sourced sapphires and arrange them on the ring’s medallion according to the unique shades and tones of these magnificent stones. While we are connected by our common humanity, what makes us truly human is our magnificent difference. This is why we chose to make a white gold sapphire ring that represented the unique constellation that is made in our individual souls. 

Real sapphire rings also connect us to a world that is so much bigger than our own. This is because every sapphire on earth was created in the earth’s surface over 150 million years ago. Every time you wear your natural blue sapphire rings, you are actually holding a piece of history that spans millions of years before any animals lived here on earth. In this way, a natural sapphire has the potential to make you appreciate the miracle of every day and connect you to the ancient, precious realm of the moon and stars. Our tie dye moon child medallion ring is one of our most cosmically connected bluboho rings yet, tying your heart to the stars and soul to the earth. These are sapphire rings Canada loves.

Bluboho is devoted to purveying sustainable jewelry, so all bluboho rings use ethically sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear this 14k white gold blue sapphire ring. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials we use. We are always finding ways to make our means of production as sustainable as possible. By trying to be one of the most community-oriented producers of fine jewelry Toronto has, we work directly with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in the city we call home. Everything, including our real sapphire rings, is produced locally at sapphire ring jewelry toronto queen west. Supporting Toronto arts and crafts industries—and dainty jewelry Canada more generally—through handmade 14k gold sapphire rings is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to infuse this sapphire ring with human connection.

Through our local production practices, we are also able to make the highest possible quality Toronto jewelry—meaning that any sapphire ring of ours is sure to hold a special place in your life for years to come. Given the astonishing age of sapphires and their connection to the primordial earth, we hope that this white gold sapphire ring becomes a family heirloom, or treasured gift that you hand down to cherished friends. Because we know that a commitment to wellbeing doesn’t stop at ourselves but rather extends into our role as a caretaker and safeguard of this whole precious and irreplaceable planet that we call home, bluboho rings will always be made from recycled metal. This means that we never have to compromise on either quality or ethics when it comes to this one of a kind yellow gold sapphire ring.

We believe that to feel connected to your special lifelong pieces of jewelry, it is important to feel like its every feature calls to you. This is why we offer our moon child medallion ring in a variety of golds. Not only is the face of each medallion unlike any other (due to it being handmade with a unique combination of sapphires and sapphire colours), but we allow you to choose which type of 14k recycled gold speaks to your character. Every moon child knows that she is a precious soul living free beneath the ever-changing moon, so ask yourself: how does your soul speak in the moonlight? White gold is said to represent clarity, honesty and truth while also offering the promise of eternal devotion. For someone looking for a north star to guide them—or who know that there is no better guiding star than their own innate intuition—we recommend a white gold sapphire ring. For a blue sapphire ring that speaks to happiness, bliss and a strong heart, look no further than our yellow gold sapphire ring. The tie dye moon child medallion ring in yellow gold harnesses the power of yellow gold to inspire joy, creativity, and loyalty in your life.