revival stacking ring - 14k yellow gold


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as a snake sheds its skin, it releases everything it has outgrown in order to move forward into a new phase of growth and renewal. in the same way, we are constantly finding ourselves changed with new experiences, life lessons, wisdom, and love. the revival stacking ring is etched with a delicate snakeskin pattern, a reminder to consider the empowerment to be found in a new beginning. shop the full revival collection here.

When we talk about the revival ring, we often speak of its unique texture. Inspired by the intricate scales of a snake, this gold ring is an ode to the snake as a powerful and meaningful symbol in our world. Bluboho rings are always designed with a deeper meaning in mind and the revival ring is no exception to our devotion to intentional jewelry design—this is what makes the revival ring some of the best gold jewelry Toronto has to offer. For the revival ring we chose the inspiration of the serpent because of a snake’s ability to heal and regenerate throughout its life. They are a symbol of inner power, self-care, wisdom and resiliency. While snakes are agile and deft, they also have the ability to heal themselves. Snakes grow new layers of skin beneath their gleaming scales continually throughout their lives; when one layer of skin has been damaged, they slough off that skin and regenerate themselves from the inside out. As such, snakes are an ancient symbol of new beginnings, change, and guardianship. 

The revival ring is for anyone who is looking for handmade jewelry Toronto has produced locally, and also for those who want to celebrate their ability to heal, grow, and learn. The revival ring is one of our most dainty rings, with a sleek and subtle design that can be worn throughout the day. These rose gold rings make a perfect gift to give someone to commemorate a formative experience or milestone—this is because the snake symbolizes the passage of time and new beginnings. That is why we always direct guests who are shopping for a graduation present or birthday gift to the revival ring. It also makes a fantastic gift to give to yourself. We believe that gifting yourself is an earnest way to foster a sense of self-confidence and admiration for the brilliant person that you are. 

The revival stacking ring features a slightly thicker band than our other stacking rings along with an ornate scale-inspired carving that moves in mirroring directions across the 14k gold ring, making this something one of a kind and unique to bluboho. Each individual ring is assembled and cast with the utmost care and craftsmanship by some of Toronto’s most talented goldsmiths. This attention to detail is what makes the revival stacking ring something truly precious. And because Canadian jewelry designers have always been at the heart of our core values, bluboho works exclusively with Toronto-based designers. By making our production practices completely local, we are also able to help the environment and our local economy. By keeping everything in our neighbourhood not only are we reducing the carbon footprint of all the womens' gold rings that we produce, but we are also able to infuse these pieces with a true sense of community.

Wearing multiple rings on one finger, or spread out across your hands, has become a personal and exciting way to express yourself through the medium of jewelry. This style is now often referred to as “stacking” or creating a “ring stack,” which simply means that you are stacking dainty rings and womens' gold rings in an intentional fashion in order to create a larger composition than just one ring. We made a line of bluboho rings just for this purpose, the newest of which is the revival ring. This 14k gold ring is one of the rose gold rings Canada loves. In recent years, ring stacks have become the ultimate way to express yourself through the artistry of jewelry. Some people choose to wear their ring collection in the same composition everyday while some love to change their stack whenever the mood strikes them. The revival ring is a specially made 14k gold ring that was created for the purpose of stacking and versatility. These textured rings are the perfect way to bring variation to your ring look, to add sparkle to a solid gold ring collection, and to bring harmony to your bluboho rings. There are no rules to making your perfect stack—but we have a few tips to help familiarize yourself with your dainty gold rings potential: make sure that there is a sense of contrast between your rings, so try alternating between rose gold rings, textured rings, and rings with gemstones. We made our line of stacking rings for exactly this purpose! Their thin size and varied texture are just the thing to fill out a stack and create that whimsical, free-spirited look for your hand.