Honey dipper dainty threader earring - 14k yellow gold


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when you pause to focus on the abundance in your world, you will find it seeping into everything like a warm, flowing layer of golden honey. 

with our dainty 14k gold honey dipper threader earrings, it's easy to see that life is enriched when we take the time to cherish one another, squeezing every drop of sweetness from the honeycomb. 

the luminous droplet shape is amplified by the swaying of a solid gold thread, which can be worn traditionally or threaded through multiple piercings for a truly unique composition, making this an ever-versatile piece. 

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collect all of life’s sweetest moments and wear them daily with our 14k gold, honey dipper threader earring.

sweet like honey. our dainty honey dipper threader earring sows together all of life’s sweetest moments. this earring represents the seamless mend positivity brings to all of your life’s moments. no matter what life has thrown at you, find the sweetness, the small beauties, and the intricate lessons to be learned. as fragile as a recipe, a little bit of sweetness can go a long way. as this dainty gold earring finds itself with you, be confident as you continue on your journey. wherever your path takes you, or travels release you into the excitement of the unknown, find yourself there with confidence. find yourself in a new place with an enriched sense of the sweetness you are bringing with you. find yourself in an enriched love that sticks to you like honey. find yourself in an enriched friendship, as seamless ties feel like they have been there your whole life. find yourself with a dainty and delicate reminder to focus on the good and feel the sweetness of the wonderful bits of magic happening all around us. find yourself with our honey dipper threader dainty gold earring.

there is so much good in your world, collect all that you can with the honey dipper threader dainty earring set. collect the sweetness of honey and enrich your life with these dainty jewelry earrings, finding sweetness in the world around you and bring positivity into every small moment. this dainty earring set helps remind you to bring the heart closer to the people around you, allowing balance to your mind as you allow your heart to do some of the thinking. these dainty jewelry earrings reveal a mending sense of clarity as we commit to finding the sweetness in others and enriches the love we feel from an expansively emotional world around us.

love is sweet, and just like honey, dip into it and watch it move slowly, in no rush. patient. with our dainty gold earrings, be confident in the sweetness you bring to the moments and people around you. whether it is a thoughtful conversation or a small gift, love is in no rush and it’s these moments that bring a touch of sweetness to life’s journey. take our honey dipper threader, dainty earring set with you as you slow down and look for these moments. this sweetness sows together a fleeting moment with a hearts intention. as time continues to fly faster and faster, catch these moments, slow them down, and with our unique designer jewelry remember to look for the sweetness and share yours with them. catch these moments and string them together, with the honey dipper threader dainty gold earring. let them tell your story, let them mend your past and inspire your future, all the while enriching every present moment with the touch of positivity, beauty and love.

collect the sweet moments and wear them daily, with our honey dipper threader, dainty jewelry earrings. these dainty jewelry earrings bring a unique touch to every outfit, adding movement and interest as you wear it by itself or pair them along with another one of our dainty gold earrings. the honey dipper threader, dainty jewelry earrings are one of our most popular unique fine jewelry pieces and works on every ear. this every day piece is meant to travel with you through all of the sweetest moments life offers you.

all of our dainty jewelry stores want to offer the warmest and most wonderful experience while shopping for the perfect gold dainty earring set. all of our dainty gold jewelry is handcrafted here in toronto for our earring stores toronto. bluboho only uses ethically sourced stones and recycled gold for our unique designer jewelry, so that we can make sure everyone involved in the handcrafting of your simple dainty jewelry is paid fairly and works in safe conditions.

our 14k gold honey dipper earring is perfect to thread through one, two, or even three ear piercings to let that 14k gold unique designer jewelry honey drip! we love to pair these 14k gold dainty gold earrings with our modern minimal jewelry, like the 14k dainty gold snake earring or our 14k gold black diamond dagger stud. to dress up the 14k gold honey dipper threader earring we love to pair it with our 14k gold freshwater pearl sway hoops. this modern minimal jewelry look is timeless and classic, making your ear stack stand out above all others. need help finding the perfect 14k dainty gold earrings stack for you or a loved one? reach out to us through email at or visit us in-store at jewelry oakville, toronto and mississauga, so we can have you leaving dripping in gold honey!