tie dye something blu ring - 14k yellow gold, blue and white sapphires


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embrace the beauty of tradition and make it uniquely your own. the meaning of our ‘something blu’ ring is rooted in the tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, a timeless wedding ritual that symbolizes good fortune, fidelity, and love.

each something blu ring is handcrafted to be distinctive and one-of-a-kind with seven ethically-sourced montana sapphires in a unique spectrum of hues. wear it as your “something blue”, to mark a significant moment, or to simply embrace your individuality. 

**please note that these are one of a kind pieces. each item has a unique colour variation and may differ between pieces.

As expansive as the sky and inspiring as the world and lives around us, we want our somethin’ blu sapphire yellow gold ring to contain the magic that fills our hearts as we gaze into the unknown and dream of all that could be. We are drawn to things of beauty and search our days for life’s adventures, this sapphire ring embodies what we can only imagine. Let this light blue sapphire ring inspire your dreams into reality. Let it bring you to a place of beauty that you had only ever dreamed, let this blue sapphire gold ring move you to a place of confidence and love that you never could have imagined. This is a transformative journey that life is waiting for you to dive into, into the blu. 

When two best friends came together and transformed their dream into the community that is now bluboho, the name bluboho was chosen as an expression of two essential intentions: ‘blu’ denotes our connection to the sea, the sky, to nature and to each other, a colour that captures life’s limitless possibilities, while ‘boho’—short for bohemian—celebrates our free-spirit, lust for life and for adventures. the blu ring, featuring seven sapphires clustered together in 14k recycled gold, creates a dreamscape of possibility, a landscape of blu ready to be explored, and acts as a heartfelt nod to both the spiritual and community connections that we dedicate ourselves to each day.

Creating a blue sapphire ring to embody the essence of limitless dreams, transformation, and beauty, was clear. Sapphires are one of our favourite stones to use for our blue sapphire jewelry and sapphire gold rings. Our somethin’ blu sapphire ring reflects the unique colours found in every sapphire stone, as the whimsical shades of the ocean and sky dance through spectrum of colour, ever-changing no matter where you go, all the while keeping character of love and beauty held within its depths. Every single sapphire is completely one of a kind as the hue can never naturally be replicated. We want our blue sapphire ring to be a reminder of the beauty in who you are, that all of your dreams are worth pursuing, and that your adventures are worth chasing. There are meaningful connections waiting to be made and limitless possibilities to explore, they are unique and so are you, so bring all of who you are with you, to share and create beauty with the people and place around you. We love creating beauty from uniqueness in our sapphire rings to add to the love and beauty in the lives of others.

A sapphire sits at a 9 on the 1-10 Mohs scale, with the only natural gem stone harder than sapphire being a diamond. The desirability of blue sapphire jewelry comes from its colour, hardness, and luster. The sapphire’s unique character and meaning of wisdom and faithfulness makes us so excited to hand craft blue sapphire jewelry into our beautiful somethin’ blu sapphire ring. Sapphires create a standard of elegance and beauty as they lavish grace and gentleness onto what you hold close to your heart. Our gold and sapphire rings are made with only ethically sourced sapphires through the Kimberly process certified and conflict free, we design and handcraft your beautiful sapphire jewelry Canada, in Toronto. In Toronto, Canada we have sapphire rings for sale and only hand selected the most ethical options to hold true to the virtue that these precious gem stones hold in character, making the most beautiful blue sapphire ring Canada. 

Sapphire gems are the best choice to wear as an everyday sapphire ring because they can handle the stress of everyday wear without easily becoming damaged. To properly clean your gold and sapphire ring, combine a few drops of mild dishwashing soap with warm water in a bowl. Let your pieces soak in this mixture for about 15 minutes. If you want to get into fine areas of your blue sapphire ring, gently take a soft bristle toothbrush to it. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. If you want to give your sapphire blue ring an extra shine it can be done with a polishing cloth. 

We can’t wait to meet you and here about the journeys and life adventures you’ve been on. We believe each blue sapphire ring has a kismet, someone to walk through our doors budding with life and beauty as they find the perfect natural blue sapphire ring that shares their story and speaks to them.