Imprint forest necklace - 14k yellow gold, engravable


like the rings imprinted in the trunk of a tree or the impression of leaves on the forest floor, your loved ones leave indelible marks on your soul. gathered over the course of a lifetime, these imprints act as a record of the love we have received and the impact we’ve left on others. the imprint necklace reflects nature’s unique ability to capture the traces of life’s journey upon every living thing.

Gold has been used for centuries as a material which can bear meaning, hold names and vows, and be imprinted with that which is closest to the soul. This pendant necklace is designed with that age-old tradition in mind, meant to act as a talisman of all things precious. We made a necklace pendant that can be engraved with a single character in order to keep the meaning of your inscription personal and yours alone. In an age all about bearing your heart for the world to see, the imprint forest necklace is an engravable necklace that celebrates quiet devotion and a more personal form of love. This is a pendant necklace canada loves because it embraces organic forms and combines them with contemporary jewelry design. the imprint necklace pays homage to the forest floor and its indelible marks of time, while also acting as a keepsake for you to carry a message close to your heart. When deciding what to engrave on your necklace pendant ask yourself: what is most important to you? Is it a human connection, the name of someone you love? Is it a childhood memory, somewhere that brings back memories of coming of age? Or, is the most important thing your own self-love, an affirmation of your confidence and a commitment to being the best you can be? So much can be represented by a single letter on this beautiful yet understated gold necklace for women.


This rose gold necklace and pendant necklace is perfect for pairing with other necklaces to create a “stacked” look. In order to make this a truly versatile piece we made the imprint necklace with three extenders on the chain so that this dainty engravable necklace can be worn at either 16, 17 or 18 inches. This way it will always fall perfectly between two or more gold necklaces for that gorgeous cascading effect that you can only get with stacked gold necklaces.


Bluboho is devoted to purveying sustainable jewelry, so all bluboho necklaces use ethically sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear this 14k dainty gold necklace. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials we use. We are always finding ways to make our means of production as sustainable as possible. It has always been our goal to be one of the most ethical producers of pendant necklace canada has, so we work directly with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in the city we call home. Supporting jewelry stores toronto—and dainty jewelry Canada more generally—through handmade small dainty necklaces is such an important way for us to connect with our community and help to bring the spirit of those we love directly to you.


Through our local production practices, we are also able to make the highest possible quality rose gold necklace canada—meaning that any small dainty necklace of ours is sure to hold a special place in your life for years to come. Because we know that a commitment to wellbeing doesn’t stop at ourselves but rather extends into our role as a caretaker and safeguard of this whole precious and irreplaceable planet that we call home, bluboho minimalist jewelry will always be made from recycled metal. This means that we never have to compromise on either quality or ethics when it comes to this one of a kind pendant necklace.


Our imprint pendant necklace has become a favourite gold necklace for women because of its ability to be unique to its wearer. Not only is it an engraved necklace that holds a personal and precious message, but it can also be made in a selection of different types of gold. The imprint pendant necklace in yellow gold is meant to reflect loyalty and kindness towards whoever or whatever is inscribed on its surface. This is because yellow gold is said to bring joy to those who wear it, especially when they wear it with pride. Why not bring the richness of the earth and warmth of the sun to your personalized and meaningful forever necklace? This timeless pendant necklace is also offered in rose gold for the romantics among us. Rose gold glows with peachy and pink hues that bring out the love in our lives. A rose gold necklace—with an engraved, personalized necklace pendant—is the best way to express love and to carry that love with you every single day. All that’s left is to choose who your rose gold necklace will be dedicated to!