sweetness of honey ring - 14k yellow gold


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due to the thickness of this ring, it fits small. please order one size up from your regular size. sweetness of honey rings cannot be resized.

this bold band of 14k gold is hand-carved to lend it the sumptuous glow of honey. with an asymmetrical design, this ring reflects the unpredictability of nature and its potential for growth. raw edges and a unique organic texture make this wide gold band a forever-piece, sure to drip and melt seamlessly into your everyday ring collection. a sister piece to our luminous honey ring, the sweetness of honey ring is the crown of the whole sweetness collection, a statement piece that anchors you in the sweetness of your victories by wrapping your finger in flowing honey.

We designed our sweetness of honey ring not just as an inspiration of life’s abundance of sweetness, but as a token of what we may reap from life when positivity and community are held as our central beliefs. This asymmetrical gold ring shows that you may never know how life’s riches will appear to you: most often they do not appear as material wealth, but rather as a wealth of love, joy, and possibility. Our thick gold women’s ring is hand carved and handmade, reflecting the unpredictability of nature and its potential for growth. This 14k gold ring price is a reflection of master craftsmanship and the labour of love that comes from local design and artistry. Additionally, this 14k gold ring mimics the glowing and warming texture of melting honey, evoking one of life’s sweetest tastes. The sweetness of honey gold ring brings happiness and whimsy to all who wear it.

The sweetness of honey ring is a 14k gold ring that stands confidently on its own. One of our specially designed “statement rings”, this beauty is meant to act as a piece of living art worn on your hand. It is an asymmetrical gold ring, meaning that this 14k gold ring always catches the light differently and never looks the same from different angles. It also pairs well next to ring stacks.

Bluboho is committed to hand-crafting sustainable jewelry, so this ethical sweetness of honey ring uses sustainably sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear the recycled gold ring. We are also committed to sustainable jewelry by working only with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in Toronto. Supporting handmade jewelry Toronto is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to make each piece part of something greater than ourselves. This also ensures the highest quality minimalist jewelry Canada has to offer, allowing you to treasure this special beauty for decades to come. This dainty textured gold band comes with a brushed finish and glowing patina that will withstand the test of time. As a commitment to the wellbeing of not just ourselves but the whole precious and irreplaceable world, bluboho rings use recycled and ethically sourced 14k gold, ensuring that we never compromise on either calibre or ethics in our modern minimalist jewelry.

Our free-spirited jewelry is a celebration of luxury, elegance, and human connection—and the gold rings for women in our “honey” collection are no exception. The sweetness of honey ring is much more than a symbol of nature’s bounty: it is an ode to all those who fly about their community, planting seeds of love, watch their garden of connection blossom, and know that together we accomplish more. The sweetness of honey gold ring is made for the sweet souls who know when to call on their community for support, who nurture human bonds above anything else, and allow the help of others to hold themselves up in personal pursuits. Our sweetness of honey ring calls for love and connection and aspires to promote a shift of consciousness when it comes to thinking about how a strong bond with your community is the key to reaping life’s rewards.

No two bees fly on the same path. Each morning the garden brings new promises and calls the honeybee on its own unique journey, flying to new blossoms and retracing the paths of days gone by. To honour the variability and difference in nature, we offer the sweetness of honey gold ring in three types of recycled 14k gold. We recommend this textured gold band in yellow gold for the traditionalist: besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom. For the romantics among us, we recommend a rose gold sweetness of honey ring. This precious metal brings with it a promise of eternal love and comfort which can be shared with all those around you, making the rose gold sweetness of honey ring a classic for those invested in love. Finally, the white gold sweetness of honey ring makes a fantastic gift for anyone looking to celebrate their resiliency. This is because white gold has been used since the late ancient Egyptian period and was used in Egyptian society to connote omnipotence and the eternal and indestructible nature of the gods. Today white gold is used in jewelry to signify an everlasting bond and enduring sense of hope.