the serpent revival diamond cuff ring - 14k yellow gold, diamonds


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the serpent revival diamond cuff ring is a celebration of personal growth and transformation. intricately designed in 14k recycled yellow gold, this unique statement piece showcases a captivating diamond-studded head. the ring’s shape is representative of your journey of movement and evolution. embrace change and your authentic self as you don this emblem of personal metamorphosis, a striking adornment that encapsulates your journey within a single gesture.

** this ring may not be resized due to the texture and cuff style. half sizes may be ordered upon request, reach out to for more information.

** please note:  cuff rings may catch on fabric, sleeves, or other items. this is not an everyday wear piece. this piece may change shape if pulled. It is not recommended to pinch or stretch the cuff to adjust the fit, as this can weaken the band.