Honeycomb ring - 14k yellow gold


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the 14k yellow gold honeycomb ring is inspired by the ornate and splendid architecture of honeycomb. the hexagonal pattern that forms its structure is considered a sacred shape representing truth, union, and harmony. more than simply a feat of nature’s engineering, honeycomb shows us that abundance and prosperity can only be achieved with a solid foundation and interconnected support system. our honeycomb ring features eleven gold profiles formed in 14k recycled gold, milgrain detailing, and careful latticework that creates a honeycomb shape— when you wear it, all things you touch will become golden and sweet. 

our bee honeycomb ring embraces all that is sweet. inspired by the sweet architecture of a honeycomb – a place built on beauty and strength that holds sweetness, love and life – this dainty ring is handcrafted from 14k recycled gold. crafted with care, honeycombs are where the honey bee takes its findings, and transforms them into sweetness and strength. we believe that you too take in all the moments and life around you, and transform them into the sweetness, love and beauty that you are. you build strength from love. our 14k gold honeycomb ring is meant to wrap your finger as a memento of your sweetest moments, to remind you of your strength, and to take on the world as you surround yourself with love and all things beautiful. add sweetness to everything you do along the way. carry the sweetness of your 14k gold honeycomb ring with you wherever you go as a simple reminder that your home is truly where the heart is.


the honeycomb is delicately balanced on the integrity of each piece. our toronto jewelry designers and jewelers have crafted meaning and beauty into the creation of this 14k recycled dainty gold ring. designed and handcrafted in toronto at bluboho, the bee-inspired honeycomb ring is part of our sweetness collection and is available to you online or in any one of our retail stores. our sweetness collection contains fourteen honey bee jewelry pieces, each made of 14k recycled gold pieces. inspired by the sweetness of the honey bee, winged spirit of sweetness, this collection reminds you that what seems impossible may yet be achieved. the collection draws you closer to the wisdom hidden within beauty, giving you flight and sunlight. the honey bee is faithful to its hive, leaving to discover, but always bringing its findings back to the honey hive. to represent the community of a honey hive, each honey comb in the sweetness is designed to fit perfectly together. we love our handcrafted dainty gold sweetness collection.


this dainty, gold, handmade honeycomb ring looks beautiful on its own, as well as paired with your favourite bluboho rings to create a beautiful gold ring stack. our bee-themed honeycomb ring pairs perfectly with our 14k gold honey hive ring as well as our 14k gold honey bee stacking ring from the sweetness collection. whether you are just starting your gold ring collection or are adding to your already very special pieces, this honeycomb ring will be the most beautiful and unique ring addition to your dainty jewelry collection. whether you are marking a new experience, celebrating your strength and faithfulness, or are ready to discover something new, this 14k recycled gold honeycomb ring is the ring to mark your special moment.


making sure to minimize waste in our jewelry-making process, we only used recycled gold in all of our fine gold jewelry. our pieces are ethically handcrafted in toronto, canada – close to home, close to our hearts – to ensure that they are created with love rather than in excess. every part of this bee honeycomb ring is balanced with integrity, from the recycled gold we use to the expert jeweler hands that craft each piece. our goal is that this ethical ring sits as pure as honey with you. always intentional and handcrafted with incredible detail and integrity, our beautiful gold minimalist jewelry pieces are for the thoughtful consumer, and designed for longevity.


our honeycomb ring features eleven gold hexagons stacked on top of one another to create a honeycomb shape. considered a sacred shape, the hexagons that make up a honeycomb each have six points that represent truth, union and harmony. with this secure foundation, balance is achieved. each of these hexagons have milgrain detailing, bringing texture and adornment to our gold honeycomb ring. let each one of these milgrain beads represent the thousands of moments that build the foundation of something as beautiful and sweet as you. when you get your honeycomb ring in either 14k rose gold or 14k yellow gold, you will see why we love our sweetness collection and dainty gold honeycomb ring.


we want to make sure that your 14k gold honeycomb ring keeps the same shine and beauty as when you first receive it, for as long as possible. caring for your 14k gold honeycomb ring is simple and easy. to clean your dainty 14k recycled yellow or rose gold ring, use a bowl, combine a few drops of mild dishwashing soap with warm water, and let your honeycomb ring soak in the mixture for about 15 minutes. if you want to get into the fine areas of your dainty gold piece, gently take a soft bristle toothbrush to it. rinse off with warm water and pat dry. if you want to give your piece some extra shine, wipe gently with a jewelry polishing cloth.