twisted stacking ring - 10k yellow gold


one of our all time favourite, most iconic bluboho pieces. we have been carrying this ring for years and it is a great place to start your stacking ring collection. the twisted 10k gold motif goes all the way around the ring. perfect solo, and amazing stacked, this twisted sister 10k gold stacking ring is a bluboho must have. lovingly handcrafted and exclusive to bluboho.

Stacking rings have become the ultimate way to express yourself through the artistry of jewelry. Some people chose to wear their ring collection in the same composition everyday while some love to change their stack whenever the mood takes them. A thin gold ring can become a stand-out piece when coupled with other casual rings that Toronto can provide. Move this 14k gold ring around your fingers and get playful, when it comes to stacking there are no limits. Get creative with your Canadian jewelry and look for unexpected ways to join your jewelry together to tell a story. dainty gold rings have become one of the hottest trends out there but what we love about this trend is that it can always feel like your own design. be bold with personalizing your stacked ring look and try multiple stacking rings, like this twisted sister ring.


The twist on the band allows for this beauty to shine; it brings a certain sparkle that plain or brushed gold cannot. A key for stacking and versatility is texture. Texture is one of the key principles of design: texture has been studied for centuries for its aesthetic offerings, for how it delights the senses and lights up the imagination. That’s why we designed these stacking rings to bring a different feel to your ring collection. You can also play up the textured look by pairing these twisted gold rings with other twisting pieces, such as our pirouette choker or lasso bracelet. 


There are no rules for making your perfect stack—but we have a few tips to help familiarize yourself with your ring collection’s potential: Start by selecting those pieces that you love and want to see combined together and go from there. Lay out any solitaire rings that you have (meaning, any ring that has a large centerpiece stone or larger design at its centre) and plan your stacks around these pieces. If you are working with more than one solitaire ring, try distributing them evenly across all ten fingers and then fill in the gaps with our bluboho rings that were designed with stacking specifically in mind, such as this twisted sister stacking ring!

To add a sense of contrast, mix the textures and shapes of your rings: try to alternate between rings with a smooth finish and those with a twisted or textured band. Another way to bring your custom creativity to life is to make sure that you vary stone shapes and styles. Try taking your ring with the largest stones and balancing it atop a combination of thin gold band ring and more dynamic diamond pavé bands. Canadian jewelry designers always say that in order to finish off a rose gold rings look, add a pop of colour! Cut through the centre of your 14k gold ring stack with a brilliant band of sapphires or emeralds or bring harmony and balance to a larger stack with a dark flash of rubies or black diamonds. 


Hopefully these tips will help you understand why we made our line of stacking rings for exactly this purpose. Gold jewelry Toronto is made locally and inspires local talent, and that includes you. These are for the artistic souls who want their vision and intention to shine through everything that they do—from an artistic practice to an aesthetic form such as jewelry. Our stacking rings feature a thin size and varied texture, making them just the thing to fill out a stack and create that whimsical, free-spirited look for your hand.


Bluboho is committed to hand-crafting sustainable jewelry, so all of our stacking rings use sustainably sourced gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear our dainty rings. Our gold is recycled, meaning that it has an existing life outside of the earth allowing us to use this precious metal without disrupting our peaceful planet. Our stacking rings come in two varieties of gold: we have our twisted sister ring in yellow gold and we also have rose gold rings of the same design. We are also committed to sustainable jewelry by working only with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in Toronto. Supporting Toronto creative industries through handmade rose gold rings is such an important way for us to foster a true sense of community and to make each piece part of something greater than ourselves. This also ensures the highest quality dainty jewelry Canada has to offer, allowing you to treasure these special dainty rings for decades to come.