labradorite mood hoop earring - 14k yellow gold, labradorite


grounded  | confident | in-tune

our labradorite hoop earring was designed as a reminder that you are the maker of your mood - embrace the grounded, confident and in-tune you with labradorite. handcrafted from an original wax carving, these extraordinary earrings showcase an enigmatic labradorite gemstone ensconced in 14k recycled yellow gold. based on our best selling mood rings, these earrings feature a one-of-a-kind, hand-cut, free-form gemstone. our labradorite diamond mood hoop earring grants you the ability to sculpt and mold your emotional journey, granting you mastery over your inner world.

hand-carved natural gemstones may vary from the image in color and faceting. labradorite is a softer stone than our usual gemstones and must be worn with additional care; don't let your special labradorite pieces come in contact with any water, creams or aerosols.