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twin flame ring - 14k yellow gold, white diamond


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they say when you meet your twin flame, life as you know it changes completely. meeting this soul, twinned to yours through a common fire, makes you want to engage with the world around and become a better, braver person in the process. you grow together and learn together, stoking the flames of the light that binds you.

our twin flame ring tells the story of two hearts meeting through its cuff-shaped design and dazzling rounded half eternity band. three rows of micro-pavé white diamonds crawl up either side of the 14k gold band. this is finished with two tapered band edges, making this cuff ring as remarkable as it is comfortable.

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** please note:  cuff rings may catch on fabric, sleeves, or other items. this is not an everyday wear piece. this piece may change shape if pulled. it is not recommended to pinch or stretch the cuff to adjust the fit, as this can weaken the band