shine on hoop earring - 14k yellow gold, white diamond


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throughout our lifetimes, the human body contains enough carbon to make the equivalent of over one hundred diamonds, meaning all of us are truly composed of something precious, something bright. ten white diamonds dot the curving line of each hoop, elevating your natural ability to shine from the inside out. celebrate your eternal brilliance with these classic earrings.


The shine on hoop earring is our lightest and brightest hoop, bringing your internal brilliance into the eyes and hearts of everyone around you. Diamond hoop earrings are one of the most essential pieces of jewelry we have in our jewel box. They are a classic accessory that can be worn day to night, formal to fun, wear them to dazzle a room or wear them for yourself alone to appreciate and adore. Diamond hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes, and we want to help you find the right size for you. Small gold hoop earrings—with or without diamonds—hug the earlobe and give a dainty, subtle shimmer whose beauty is best seen up close. Large diamond gold hoop earrings drop down below the earlobe and cascade along the side of the face, making an elegant frame of sparkling and radiant joy. 

Our extra large shine on hoop earring is designed to offer variability in the size and height of your earring looks. They were made with earring stacking in mind. “earring stack” refers to a style of wearing your earrings with many different studs, hoops, threaders, and cuffs on each of your ears in order to create a composition of jewelry that tells a story. We say that nothing compliments a bright smile like a sparkling collection of dainty jewelry. Depending on how many piercings you have, you can curate your ear stack differently. We know that everyone will come to tell their ear story in their own way, but we do have a few pearls of wisdom to impart onto those who are looking for ways to create the ultimate diamond jewelry Toronto look.

In order to create a flattering composition that compliments the natural curve of your ear, we recommend that you start with your largest diamond hoop earrings. This is where the XL shine on diamond hoop comes into play. We suggest putting your biggest gold hoop earrings in your first lobe piercing because that is where you’ll have the most space and it will help create a sense of balance as the eye naturally looks at the bottom of the ear and moves up. From there, you can play with the texture, colour (such as rose gold hoop earrings!) and shapes of your studs and hoops in order to create a sense of variety and contrast. 

Luckily, gold hoops go with virtually any style of earring, making these 14k gold hoop earrings one of our most versatile pieces ever. Throw in a couple cuffs and threaders if you don’t have multiple piercings to create the same varied effect: threaders can be fed through one existing piercing to make it look like you have layered, textured pieces on—and cuffs require no piercing at all! They will bring out the natural brilliance of not only your shining, exceptional soul, but also the shine of these small gold hoop earrings Canada has come to know and love. Finally, compare both your ears and consider how both ear stacks and shine on hoop earring are playing off each other. Do you want a sense of balance between both sides? Or are you going for an asymmetrical look, with a dangling charm on one lobe and a shine on hoop earring in the other?

The XL shine on hoop earring also features more diamonds than any of our other small hoop earrings. It features 15 individual ethically sourced white diamonds, amounting to approximately 0.15ct of diamonds on each earring. The diamonds are always ethically sourced using the Kimberley Process, meaning that conflict plays no part in your diamond jewelry Toronto and you can enjoy these beauties for years to come knowing that every material used to make them is aligned with your commitment to sustainability and ethics. 

In fact, we know that sustainability and ethics are some of the core values held by our guests. That is why bluboho takes several measures throughout our design and production process to ensure that our 14k gold hoop earrings are as kind to mama earth as she was when she made the precious materials used to make our small hoop earrings. We also offer the shine on hoop earring in a selection of gold colours. We always use recycled yellow or rose gold to craft these diamond hoop earrings. Our rose gold hoop earrings are perfect for bringing out the natural warmth of your complexion, providing a blushing rosy pink to offset the cool shimmer of a white diamond.