As if serendipitous, Maddie joined the bluboho family in 2017 when the beloved collection freshly launched. She had just finished her degree in gemmology, and was looking for an opportunity to explore her passion and use her knowledge on alternative gemstones and unique settings. One day she stumbled upon bluboho on Queen Street West, discovered the beloved collection and instantly knew bluboho was her home. 
She is now our flagship and beloved manager, as well as our in house gemmology specialist. Maddie ensures your experience at bluboho is unforgettable. She loves nothing more than meeting couples, learning their love story, and matching them with the perfect handmade beloved piece. 
Maddie knows everything there is to know about gemstones; it’s her expertise! Let her educate you on the difference between sapphire and diamond, gush about unique shades and stone cuts, and give you the low down on our ethically sourced gems and recycled materials.
what exactly does “one of a kind ring” mean?
It means exactly as it sounds- it’s truly one of a kind! You will be the one and only person in the world who gets to wear this work of art. Our pieces are handmade, our gemstones are sourced ethically from the earth and some of our jewels are so bespoke that we will never find that unique shade, weight or cut again. Those gems are set into our one of a kind rings! 
what is your favourite gemstone and why? 
Oh boy, that is a hard question! Green stones speak to me the most, as it reminds me of Mother Nature from where the gem was plucked. I would have to say that green sapphires would be my very favourite stone because they are one of the hardest stones, they are quite lustrous, and if cared for can be passed down for centuries. 
what is your favourite part of your job?
Meeting you! It is the most fulfilling part of my job is getting to know you, learning your story, what the piece signifies for you, and the look on your face when you know you’ve found the ring. I put my whole heart into our beloved collection, and there’s nothing that brings me more joy than seeing our pieces go to the right home.