when you buy from bluboho, you know that your piece is made with love. designed in-house and hand-made in toronto by a select group of expert jewellers, we are truly proud of our pieces. through the symbols, gemstones and precious metals of each fine jewelry piece, you are able to love and embrace your deepest truths that make you unique and wonderful. we have a strong desire to preserve the craft of jewelry making in canada and are inspired by staying grounded in our roots.




we get most of our inspiration from mother nature; from the blooming flowers to the intricate movement and flow of water to the warm glow of sunshine. bluboho celebrates the moments that mark your life and the milestones that make you who you are today. each of our collections is drawn from a range of muses; whether they be from elements found in nature, human connection, or the stars and astrology.




we care for our planet and all of those who inhabit it, and it is for that reason that we ensure that all of our stones are ethically sourced and we only use recycled gold.

gold comes in three colours: yellow, rose and white. yellow is gold’s naturally occurring colour, rose gold gets its pink tint from added copper, and white gold is rhodium plated to give it its silver tone.

on top of colour, gold also comes in a scale of “karat”. this expresses the ratio of gold to other alloys. the higher in carat the more pure gold. the more pure the gold is, the more yellow in colour it is and the softer and less durable it is. the majority of our pieces are created in 14k gold. we have chosen this karat for its durability and softness in colour.


our stones range from a stunning array of colourful sapphires, to our black and white diamonds, including our rose cut diamond pieces. we are most commonly known for having beautiful sapphire pieces, including our sapphire engagement rings. every single sapphire is completely one of a kind, as the hue is never naturally replicated. whether it's your september birthstone, or a one of a kind sapphire engagement ring, each one is held unique to you with a distinct and matchless colour that guides you deeper into its rich ocean-like depths. our sapphires are ethically sourced and most commonly derive from the montana region and the missouri river. 




this is where we can put a blurb about the Kimberly process and our involvement/process around it.