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we created this necklace for those bound for greatness. a supernova is triggered when the trapped energy in a star ignites and bursts into light. with a luminosity one billion times that of the sun, supernovas represent all that is possible when we ignite the true potential of the soul and burn our very brightest. shine on.

Diamond pendant necklaces are the ultimate way to carry light and power with you wherever you go. Our nova necklace is inspired by the explosion of energy that burns bright in the celestial sky whenever a star ignites and bursts into light. Seven round prongs hold this heptagonal diamond to form a radiant circle around the centrepiece of this dainty pendant necklace. A fine gold chain and rose cut diamond make this a signature piece of diamond jewellery Toronto has come to know and love. Diamond pendant necklaces are a staple of our bluboho collection and encourage you to shine bright from the inside out.


The nova necklace is a single diamond necklace that features a rose cut diamond, making these diamond pendant necklaces unlike any other. “Rose cut” refers to the shape and style in which a diamond has been cut, meaning that they are authentic diamonds with an original look to them. The rose cut diamond has a flat back and domed top adorned with triangular facets which catch and reflect light. As light passes through the diamond, it refracts at different angles off these facets, giving this single diamond necklace its glassy shimmer. 


Because a rose cut diamond doesn’t have any facets cut into its flat back, it has a glowing shine, much like the stars of the night sky. This gold diamond necklace glows on your skin and catches the sparkle of any other gold dainty necklaces it is stacked with. In fact, we made these diamond pendant necklaces with stacking specifically in mind. We know that you want your necklace to be versatile so that you can wear it in a new way every day. The gold chain of these diamond pendant necklaces features extenders at 15- and 16-inches. This way it will always fall perfectly between two or more gold necklaces for that gorgeous cascading effect that you can only get with stacked gold necklaces.


Bluboho is devoted to purveying sustainable diamond pendant necklaces, so all bluboho necklaces use recycled gold, connecting you to mama earth each time you wear this rose gold diamond necklace. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials we use. We are always finding ways to make our means of production as sustainable as possible. It has always been our goal to be one of the most ethical producers of pendant necklace canada has, so we work directly with master jewelers and goldsmiths right here in the city we call home. Supporting jewelry stores in toronto through handmade small dainty necklaces is such an important way for us to connect with our community and help to bring the spirit of those we love directly to you through our pieces.


Through our local production practices we are also able to make the highest possible quality rose gold necklace canada—meaning that any small dainty necklace of ours is sure to hold a special place in your life for years to come. Our diamond pendant necklaces are a celebration of luxury, elegance, and human connection—and this gold necklace for women in our nova collection is no exception. For a high-quality and ethically made diamond necklace Toronto, look no further. Our nova gold pendant necklace is made for every person who knows that she contains multitudes and that nothing can hold back her internal brilliance. Nova stars burn with potential—shining one billion times brighter than the sun. Unlock your own potential with this subtle yet bold gold diamond necklace.


Every star in every galaxy burns differently. To even conceive of the multitude and variety that exists within our own solar system, let alone the galaxies that make up our universe, is near impossible—and the same could be said about the difference between each human soul. We want to make your gold diamond necklace to suit your unique and inimitable self, and that’s why we offer the nova necklace in two varieties of gold: yellow and rose. We always recommend diamond pendant necklaces in yellow gold for the adventurous and strong: besides giving sparkle, shine, and glamour to any look, gold has many deeper beneficial properties. It is associated with illumination, love, compassion, passion, and wisdom. For the romantics among us, we recommend a rose gold diamond necklace. This precious metal brings with it a promise of eternal love and comfort which can be shared with all those around you, making this rose gold necklace perfect for those seeking to bring love into their life and share love with everyone.