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Ablaze band - 14k rose gold, white diamond


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the rose gold ablaze band was designed with the intention to mark a passionate love story. one fuelled by intimate moments that take your breath away. this ring dances in the light, casting a light that symbolizes a love story that has evolved over time. 

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    The ablaze band is our way of capturing the unmistakable feeling of watching the world burst ablaze when you are standing alongside your soulmate. Love is capable of lighting up our life in every respect: the day is brighter, the dark nights are shorter, and hope takes over when you have the support and care of your beloved. This band features seven ethically sourced brilliant white diamonds, varying between pear cut and marquis cut, giving this ring its glowing flare-shaped silhouette. The ablaze band creates a burst of light and love around your other most treasured rings, augmenting the natural brilliance of gemstones and gold, encouraging you to bring that brightness to all of your relationships. A rose gold wedding band has never been more able to express the way that the world expands when you are bonded together with the one you love most. Think of standing and looking out on the horizon with the knowledge that you have a partner walking next to you for life. That is what we try to get to the heart of with our diamond wedding bands, and it is also the very sentiment that inspired the unique ablaze band. A bridal collection of unique womens wedding bands made of deeply meaningful gemstones—unique in their origin, quality and cut—awaits you with our collection of the finest one of a kind wedding rings Canada has to offer. We want to make all of our high-quality gold and diamond bands to be a reflection of the devotion shared between two souls bonded in love. we hope that this ring will be able to live up to the profound meaning and heartfelt and emotion that exists between you and your beloved. This rose gold wedding band is made for life’s everlasting journeys and breathtaking adventures. When love is the most important thing in your life, you should have unique wedding rings that reflect its most treasured role.

    In order to keep ethical engagement rings Canada locally made, we partner with the most talent jewelers and artisans in Toronto to make our Ablaze Band. Each one is made individually and by hand with the highest level of care. We source recycled gold to make all our diamond wedding bands. We make sure that we gather all our diamonds from ethical sources and sustainable mines. This commitment to ethical engagement rings is absolutely central to the bluboho community. This is because when we create a rose gold wedding band, we know that this will be a piece for life. We want you to be able to grow old with your white gold wedding band and for it to hold a special place in your heart and life for years to come. With this in mind, we would never want conflict to be involved in the creation of your unique white gold wedding band. Rather, it should be aligned with your deeply held values and reflect the notion that love conquers hate. Our intention behind this handmade jewelry toronto is to grow and evolve with our bluboho woman, marking significant milestones and memories together through one of a kind diamond wedding rings. This is why all of our unique engagement rings are designed with “stacking” in mind–even the ornate Ablaze Band. Ring stacks have become the ultimate way to express yourself through the artistry of jewelry. Some people chose to wear their unique wedding rings collection in the same composition everyday while some love to change their stack whenever the mood takes them. We took inspiration from the traditional passage from engagement to marriage—wherein a 14k gold wedding band is stacked upon or underneath the original engagement ring in order to mark the milestone of marriage. The Ablaze Band can be used to mark an anniversary or “crowning achievement” in a relationship by adding on top or below the rings that tell your story. We have known so many couples who find that once the wedding has happened, the best is actually yet to come. This is why bluboho has surpassed most jewelry stores Toronto by champing one of a kind rings for women that grow and develop along with you. Begin your stack with the Ablaze Band to celebrate your wedding and continue to shape this composition with rings that speak to you. As your relationship grows, so do your beloved talismans. Ethical engagement rings can be the first chapter in a lifelong love story. Allow our unique wedding bands to continue the adventure.