advice from our bluboho mamas

With mother's day around the corner we couldn't help but think of everything our mamas have given us, especially the best advice in the books. Here is some personal advice from our super mamas plus some special jewels to give them thanks!

"whats the best advice your mama gave you"

"The best advice my mother has ever given me on relationships is that you can tell how someone really feels about you by the way they care for you when you're sick. This coming from a nurse is no surprise, but the woman is completely right! Its no easy feat taking care of someone when they are ill or not capable of caring for themselves. This has shown me the true colours of the man that I love and fortunately he passed with flying colours!"-Sarah

"The best advice given to me by my mother is to always treat others how you wish to be treated. This has allowed me to hold myself accountable to treat others with the love and respect I hope to be treated with regardless of how they behave towards me. It often pleasantly surprises people and it spreads good karma!"-Melissa

"The best advice relates to relationships - she always told me to "kill 'em with kindness." I try to live this daily by practicing kindness equally to those who are kind to me and those who aren't, and making an effort no matter how I'm feeling, because you never know what the other person is going through and maybe that little moment is exactly what they need."-Carly

"My mom is the quintessential boho. She always stressed the importance of self-love and care. When we were little we never had to pretend to be sick to get out of school. We could just tell her (or often, she would notice) we needed a mental health day. As a kid, it was pure magic! A day home to do anything we wanted!? At the time it seemed like a real treat, but in reality she was teaching us to listen to our bodies and to never feel guilty about needing to recharge. As an adult, when times get stressful, I try to stop, listen and give myself the love and care I need. Thanks for making me a mini boho, mom!! xo"-Kendra

"Do what you said you will do. Follow through on things. Do whatever makes you happy."-Maggie

"My mom is not the type to give advice a lot. She is the strength of our family but has always done so by being a listening ear and letting us come to our own conclusions on what we should strive for or what will make us happy! Always leading by example my moms personal integrity and work ethic are what I look up to her most for.  Being a single mother and a strong woman I do remember her telling me to always rely on myself and no one else to take care of me. That I can do anything and accomplish anything on my own. Enjoying a life partner by my side is a great bonus not a necessity to achieve happiness. That's my mama!!!!"-Chantal

"When I think of my mom (who is 85 years young and is mom to 7 of us!!) I think of nothing but LOVE!  She was mother to 7 young children, wife to my entrepreneurial father and never ever did one of us not feel that we were not the center of her universe! I can only imagine the demands on her time to simply keep our gang fed but she always had time for the most important piece of our childhood and that was her undivided attention and love above all else! I am very lucky to have had her as an example of the kind of person I strive to be. It was not so much as my mothers words of advice that stay with me but who she is to this day that always inspires me to be a better person."-Cheryl

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What would you stamp for your mama?

P.S...Thank you mamas, you rock and don't ever change!