introducing the flower moon collection

all around us the late blossoms of spring spill sweet scent into the air, petals catching on the wind and enveloping us in a feeling of hope. as the days grow longer and the night becomes warmer, we also can’t help but feel a certain kind of love and romance at this time of year.

In late May, the night sky gives way to the ‘flower moon’. recognized as the first full moon of the month of May, a flower moon gets its name from the blossoming spring buds that bloom beneath its moonlight. It brings with it a sense of optimism and possibility, with love and hope abounding from each flower that spreads its petals at this time of year.

and it’s this cosmic event that has inspired our newest one of a kind collection. meet the flower moon collection: six handmade rings inspired by the image of new buds flowering along twisting vines. each thoughtfully designed piece was made in the image of diamond buds sparkling under moonlight, with shimmering petals of colour radiating light from a centre sapphire. 

this phase of late spring is distinct, as is the full moon it bears. this also happens to be a unique time of year for romance: there’s no better time than a flower moon to embark on a new adventure in love, as age-old folklore holds that accepting a proposal during this full moon brings good luck and happiness to two souls in love.

the first full moon of the spring equinox is known as a budding moon. the glowing face of this full moon is said to be softer than any other, as it occurs when day and night are exactly even. because of this, our budding moon ring speaks to a relationship founded on trust, sharing, and all things equal in love.

just like the first feelings of falling in love, the flower moon of spring bids us to arise, to listen to the sensuous calls of the earth and seize the joy we find blossoming around us. springtime offers nature the same confidence and assuredness that true love offers the human heart, and thus serves as the inspiration for our arise ring, which features a seafoam green round sapphire that was ethically sourced from the plains of Montana.

the belle fleur ring is named after the smallest of budding flowers, which are springtime’s reminder of how beautiful change can be. an engagement ring marks not only your enduring love for your partner, but the transformation of your relationship into something eternal. this celebration ring connects the new chapter of your love to the new beginnings of a budding season.

you may think that only sunlight helps nature grow, but so many things flourish under the guiding light of the moon. along with a light cyan green oval sapphire, the flourishing love ring’s eight pear shaped white diamonds dance across its band as a symbol of organic growth. they foreshadow the way your trust and love for your partner will continue to blossom with time.

under a flower moon, the world grows warm once more, allowing rose buds to unfurl throughout the night, filling our world with beauty as we sleep. the petite rose ring softly scintillates with its icy pink oval cut sapphire centre stone, which shimmers like an expectant rose in moonlight.

the radiate ring was made to capture the feeling of love radiating through your every breath when you find yourself in a new season with your beloved by your side. this blush pink oval cut sapphire is set on an ultra slim band made of recycled 14k yellow gold, and framed by petals of marquise and round white diamonds.

as with all our one of a kind beloved collections, the rings in this collection have never been made before, and will never be replicated. they are destined to be as unique as the bond between you and your beloved. feeling like one of these rings might be “the one”? our in-house gemmology expert is always on hand to talk you through the ins and outs of one of a kind celebration ring designs. our engagement ring collections typically have a waitlist, so get in touch with us to book a beloved appointment with our team today.