2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

all relationships draw meaning from longevity, and what is more eternal, more long lasting than a relationship between mother and child? a bond that deep can be hard to represent in something physical. but by passing down tokens of our love—our family heirlooms—we can begin to symbolize the profound gratitude we have for those who have given us life.

but heirlooms don’t just appear out of the blue. they begin with a simple exchange: a mother’s day gift that, rather than being forgotten, is handed down through generations, connecting souls across time and space. In this way, mother’s day jewelry isn’t only about showing your mama just how much you care, it’s about celebrating the legacy of love she has handed down to you throughout your life.

from dainty rings to a mother’s day necklace, we’ve prepared our definitive mother's day gift guide to help you think of the perfect precious piece to express your gratitude this year.