5 reasons to choose solid gold jewelry

you’ve heard the saying “good as gold”, and it’s true— nothing comes close to the real thing! 

however, all gold jewelry was not created equally: between gold plating, gold vermeil, and solid gold, all have their place and fulfil their role, but there is a clear benefit to investing in solid gold jewelry. 

our handmade jewelry is crafted in 100% recycled solid gold for a multitude of reasons. solid gold comes with a higher price point than options such as gold vermeil or gold plating, but in the long run, it has many advantages, making solid gold jewelry the better choice long-term. 

  • solid gold jewelry is best for everyday wear
  • we believe in marking moments with beautiful jewelry— and that jewelry doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions! we want you to love your pieces, and live with them. Solid gold jewelry is best suited for daily wear, being durable enough to withstand the test of time without the risk of tarnishing or wearing away. 

    we recommend removing your jewelry while doing sports and activities such as cleaning, gardening, or swimming, especially in chlorinated pools and hot tubs, but solid gold will withstand the odd slip-up more than any other option! 

    for a full breakdown of our wear and care guidelines, click here. 

  • solid gold jewelry is engravable 
  • solid gold is the ideal for engravable jewelry— who doesn’t love a personal touch?! personalized jewelry makes a wonderful and meaningful gift, and adds a sentimental detail to your own beloved pieces. browse our engravable jewelry collection and see what strikes your heart— then, make your mark with a custom engraving on your solid gold jewelry! 

    engravable rings: 

    namesake ring

    legacy ring

    loyalty signet ring

    lovely heart signet ring

    la petite amie signet ring

    engravable necklaces: 

    imprint forest necklace

    larger imprint forest necklace

    engravable bracelets: 

    imprint cord bracelet 

    imprint forest bracelet

  • solid gold jewelry is heirloom quality 
    • Built to last 

  • solid gold jewelry is the sustainable choice 

  • our commitment to solid gold is based largely on our values around sustainability: with solid gold, you can reduce, reuse, and recycle!

    reduce: buy less, buy better, wear forever!

    By investing in solid gold jewelry for staple pieces, everyday jewelry, and milestone heirlooms, you can avoid overconsumption and fast-fashion— investing in a capsule collection of high quality items you truly love in favour of buying a high volume of lower-quality pieces that will be discarded as the trend cycle continues. 

    reuse: solid gold never goes out of fashion, so wear, rewear, and wear again!

    we believe there’s nothing wrong with an outfit repeater— and the same goes for jewelry! solid gold has the staying power to withstand being worn and reworn, everyday and for years to come.  Choose staple and statement pieces you know will work with the rest of your collection and wardrobe, that can be stacked and stand alone, and you’ll find your solid gold jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving. 


    did you know that solid gold is infinitely recyclable? Our gold is 100% recycled, and if in the future you decide that you’d like to repurpose your solid gold pieces, you can either sell it to be melted and recycled, or have it recycled into a new piece of jewelry for yourself! 

  • solid gold retains its value
  • solid gold is forever! it can be repurposed into new jewelry, handed down through generations, or resold if needed, making it a worthwhile investment you can enjoy, behold, and wear every day. 

    in short, solid gold jewelry is worth its weight in gold— worth the investment, and in the long run, it offers the best value for money, is the most sustainable choice, and gets the gold medal for jewelry in general.