affordable engagement rings that break tradition (but not the bank!)

are you looking for a unique yet affordable engagement ring? you’re not alone! 

we are seeing more and more couples choosing to break away from tradition and redefine romance, writing their own love stories.

whether you’re saving on the engagement ring so you can spend on other aspects of your wedding, prioritizing other milestone purchases such as buying a home, or you simply have a budget in mind, there are plenty of stunning options to choose from that will not break the bank.

we consider ourselves specialists in beautiful and unique sapphire engagement rings. we have always believed that rules were meant to be broken— which led us to create our alternative engagement ring designs. we wanted to broaden the definition of what an engagement ring could look like, and we’ve found that many of our guests are drawn to us for that precise reason. 

everyone’s love story is unique to them… so why should we limit ourselves to one idea of what an engagement ring can be?

some couples choose to buy a low-cost engagement ring with the plan to “upgrade” to their dream ring a few years later, others plan to wear their affordable ring forever. whatever option you choose, remember that the most important thing is that the ring represents your love and commitment to each other. with so many budget-friendly and alternative options available, you're sure to find the perfect engagement ring for your special someone. 

our recommendations for choosing a low-cost engagement ring:

  • even on a budget, aim for high quality
    a good value ring will be built to last, so opt for 14k gold and stones as high as possible on the mohs scale— ideally, go for diamonds or sapphires, which are hard enough to withstand long-term daily wear
  • rules were made to be broken.
    the traditions around engagement rings and getting engaged were invented several generations ago. in this modern age, there is no reason not to create traditions of your own. the most important things are that you have something that you love and that it honours the love story it represents— no matter what it cost

the most romantic engagement ring is the one that works for you. we’ve curated a list of our favourite non-traditional engagement rings at a variety of budgets between $248-$2998— because “affordable” can mean something different to different people. 

these affordable engagement ring options are imbued with meaning and sentimental value, so you can have a budget-friendly ring without compromising on romance or beauty.

the classics— with a twist: $998-$2698

traditional or antique inspired engagement rings will never go out of style— but sometimes it’s fun to add some distinctive details to make your ring feel extra special. 

our supernova ring features a delicate and ethereal rose-cut diamond at its centre. sitting flush against your skin, this low-profile beauty feels intimate and understated with a soft, elegant glimmer in its facets.

similarly, our mon coeur ring plays on the conventions of a classic solitaire engagement ring, but with a peachy blush-pink oval morganite centre stone it brings an unexpected romantic element to its design.

drawing on classic art-deco designs, our daybreak band features a flowing gradient of step-cut baguette diamonds that glint and flash. stacking beautifully with any of our curved or peaked bands, this ring balances antique beauty with sleek modern lines.

the meaningful minimalist: $428-$498

with deeply sentimental meaning woven into their designs, these dainty diamond rings would make poignant affordable engagement rings. who says you have to sacrifice romance to stay within a budget?!

with a marquise and a round white diamond nestled together in a minimal toi et moi setting, our lean on me ring symbolizes a love between two people who can always lean on each other in good times and in bad. what could be more romantic?

with a delicate rose-cut diamond glinting at its centre, the sparkle of the nova ring is more akin to soft, glimmering candlelight, lending itself to understated romance.

the golden opportunity: $248-$328

some couples choose to save costs by omitting the stones in their engagement ring altogether. whether they opt to add some sparkle after the wedding with a diamond-encrusted wedding band, “upgrade” to a ring with a stone at a later point, or they simply prefer the classic look of gold, we have many beautiful, meaningful options that can be used as an engagement ring or promise ring.

your word is your bond, and with our engravable rings you can create an intimate and personalized proposal: inscribe a meaningful message, your initials, or a promise of forever into solid gold.

our loyalty signet ring and lovely heart signet ring  can accommodate a single letter or digit; the legacy ring can be engraved with up to 12 characters on the inside or outside of the band, and the namesake ring can be engraved with a maximum of five characters. 

designed specifically to serve as a placeholder or promise ring, our marry me ring and beloved ring are engraved with their titular sweet messages on one side. on the other side, two white diamonds are enclosed in two engraved hearts. 

these slim-yet-substantial rings make a beautiful starting point for a wedding stack to be grown over time. within one year of purchasing one of these rings, you can receive a credit for an engagement ring from the beloved one-of-a-kind or beloved endless collection:

  • $100 credit on engagement ring purchases up to the value of $4997
  • $398 credit (the full value of the marry me/beloved ring) on engagement ring purchases of $4998+

engagement bands: $848-$2998
many modern couples are opting for an engagement band,  and they do so for many reasons. while some people’s lifestyles or work put a larger centre stone at risk of catching, snagging, or getting damaged, others simply prefer the sleek and streamlined look of stacked bands— as one bride-to-be told us, she wanted lots of smaller stones instead of one big one! a diamond or sapphire-encrusted band is a great way to get the sparkle you desire at a lower pricepoint.

for a soft romantic glimmer, opt for our moonglade or large moonglade bands, which feature a half-eternity of rose-cut diamonds.

for a sophisticated glint and flash, our moirai band is covered in step-cut baguette diamonds.

leaning into the classic diamond pave so often seen on wedding bands, our endalaus i or endalaus ii offer a sleek and refined look. 

our diamond reverie or sapphire reverie have an organic, staggered composition that adds sparkle, texture, and dimension to a wedding stack, making it an opulent choice for an alternative engagement ring.

looking for a dainty diamond band in an alternative colour? our grey diamond vibrant band and black diamond vibrant band both offer intrigue in their unusual stone colours— perfect for someone with a subtle yet distinct style.

the non-traditional statement pieces: $798-$1498

popular among the free-spirits, the heretics, and the original souls, statement alternative designs are rapidly becoming more appealing. unafraid to go against the grain, these rings are perfect for those who wish to define themselves and celebrate their love in a unique way.

though often purchased as a bride’s “something blue”, our tie-dye something blu ring would make a stunning alternative engagement ring. each has a unique combination of ethically-sourced montana sapphires in varying shades and tones of blue, clustered in a stunning composition.

pairing beautifully as a matching-yet-not-matching set, our sweetness of honey and luminous honey rings have been purchased by beloved by bluboho couples as both engagement rings or wedding bands. with luxuriant, sumptuous designs that ooze romance in their organic forms and textures, these rings truly make us melt. 

we hope these ideas have given you some inspiration, and proven that it is possible to find a non-traditional ring that suits your budget, your tastes, and your love story.