our top valentine’s day gifts of 2023: romantic rose-cut diamonds

valentine’s day is just around the corner, and many guests have been reaching out to us in search of romantic gift ideas that will make their beloved feel truly special. if you’re seeking a gift that will stand out in their memory and be treasured forever, nothing says "romance" quite like a beautiful rose-cut diamond. with a 500-year history of being widely used in jewelry, these stunning diamonds are known for their soft, romantic glimmer— making them the perfect choice for a memorable and unique valentine's day gift.

what’s the difference between a rose-cut and a brilliant-cut diamond?

one of the things that set rose-cut diamonds apart is their cut. unlike traditional round brilliant diamonds, rose cut diamonds have a flattened bottom and a domed top, giving them a soft elegant glimmer instead of a brilliant sparkle. this makes them particularly well-suited to lovers of vintage-inspired jewelry, or anyone who likes to branch away from typical jewelry styles, opting for a more unique— yet still understated and elegant— look.

the history of rose cut diamonds

the romance of rose-cut diamonds stems from their rich history, harkening back to past eras. the rose-cut diamond has existed for centuries, and was a popular choice for jewelry during the georgian and victorian eras. the diamonds were cut by hand and designed to resemble the petals of a rose— hence the name “rose-cut diamond”!

choose rose-cuts for romance

a piece of jewelry featuring a rose-cut diamond not only symbolizes your love for your partner, but also has a timeless and unique touch of history and nostalgia that is becoming increasingly beloved by modern jewelry lovers. by choosing something a little more unique, like a rose-cut diamond, you’ll show your partner how much thoughtfulness went into their gift. you know what they say— it’s the thought that counts!

okay, so what are my options?

we have a rose-cut for every love story, style, and personality at a wide range of price points! 

a romantic take on the classic diamond earrings

have your love sparkle and shine with love in rose-cut diamond earrings: our nova and supernova rose-cut diamond studs are true classics— a staple in any jewelry collection.

looking for something that will stand out in the crowd? give a gift that shines with the radiance of moonlight on water with our iconic moonglade hoops and large moonglade hoops.

thinking of more of a subtle sparkle? add a nova ear cuff to elevate any ear stack— no piercing needed!

something as unique as your love story

the best gifts speak to the soul— they represent something about the recipient that makes them feel special, seen, understood— and most of all, loved. we’ve used rose-cut diamonds in some of our most-loved unique designs to add romance and whimsy to your look. 

our luminous honey ring wraps the wearer in rose-cut diamonds and sumptuous molten honey, a bold and radiant design that glows with romance.

the equinox yin yang necklace celebrates the balance between two souls who complete each other, with a black rose-cut diamond on one side and a white rose-cut diamond on the other.

one of our most loved designs, the honey bee ring features a whimsical, glimmering rose cut diamond, adding a warm lustre to the bee motif.

going *big* with the romantic gifts this year?

if you’re looking for a showstopping gift, our astra necklace (which, hint-hint, matches our astra rose cut diamond engagement ring!) is a timeless design with a stunning rose cut diamond pendant that your love is certain to wear and cherish forever.

another option for if you’re planning to propose is our beautiful and distinctive capella engagement ring— perfect for a bride-to-be who loves to stand out while still remaining timelessly elegant.

so if you're looking for a romantic gift this valentine's day, consider a piece of jewelry featuring a rose cut diamond. this post only covered a few ideas to get you started— find all of our rose cut pieces here.

not only will your partner love the unique and romantic look of the diamond, but the piece will also serve as a timeless reminder of your love for one another.