behind the scenes: the making of ‘your quintessence’


in case you hadn’t already heard, we just launched a very special one-of-a-kind engagement collection: your quintessence.

the ‘your quintessence’ collection was created with a specific intention: we set out to make eight unique rings specifically designed to mirror eight extraordinary souls. will you be one of them?

this brand new collection of one-of-a-kind, artist cut sapphire engagement rings embodies the essential qualities of the soul— the things that make us each unique, the reasons for which we are loved. 

what is an artist-cut sapphire?

all our sustainably-sourced sapphire rings are magical, but there’s a certain something extra special about artist-cut sapphires. 

master gem cutters select each sapphire with the intent to highlight its unique features, and create a cut that will best enhance the stone. most artist cuts are proprietary; each master gem cutter develops and owns their unique pattern and faceting. the result is striking: stones with a dazzling sense of depth, complexity, and dimension.

our process of making the collection: 

beginning with intention and vision, we matched each stone to a personality trait, imagining the soul it was destined to belong to. we considered how those traits might be best embodied in a ring, and formed the setting for each one accordingly. each stone was matched with a story, a vision of the one destined to wear this ring forever. 

what makes the ‘your quintessence’ collection so special?

each artist-cut sapphire ring in this collection is unique and one of a kind, just like your love story. 

wedding jewelry is some of the most personal and sentimental jewelry you will ever wear; jewelry that will be treasured forever as a future heirloom. it is only fitting that it is created with intention and meaning, from our hearts to yours. 

are you destined for a ‘your quintessence’ ring? find out now: shop your quintessence.